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Edward Snowden Is the Perfect Candidate for a Presidential Pardon


Edward Snowden Is the Perfect Candidate for a Presidential Pardon

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Edward Snowden is the former National Security Agency contractor who risked his job, his prestige and his freedom to expose the NSA’s secret mass surveillance programs that trampled the privacy rights of Americans. For that, he has earned the gratitude of millions of Americans and the loathing of the security state. The Justice Department indicted him under the Espionage Act for revealing classified information.


Obama won’t pardon him because his legacy, what there is of it, would be at stake.
And Hillary hates Snowden’s guts.
As a matter of fact Hillary hates everything that Snowden represents.
Mainly ethical behavior, love of country meaning us citizens, and the absence of the driving desire for personal monetary gain.


Excellent comment and accurate too, thanks Imhotep.


I agree. Obama’s apparent hatred for truth-tellers seems to lie deep within his viscera. No way he will pardon Snowden or Assange. I wish that the Nobel people would rescind their wildly premature prize to Obama and award it to Mr. Snowden.


Snowden would be the perfect candidate for a Cabinet seat or FCC Chairman.


True public “servants” hardly go rewarded. Snowden has been demonized by this administration so a pardon of any sort is just a dream. Obama owes too many to do the right thing and he is only keeping the seat warm for HRC, who go full boat apoplectic at the suggestion.


Which crime should he be pardoned for
[1] betraying an oath of confidentiality and secrecy freely and knowingly taken to take documents not his;
[2] Blackmailing the US Gov by going to China using the threat of further release as security;
[3] Accepting Putin’s hospitality again using using stolen documents as security?

Snowden lacks any kind of education in the liberal arts and morality. I do not understand where one finds the wherewithal of a deep moral choice made by this man to serve the public interest. The very manner and way he has chosen to make his revelations make it impossible for anyone elected to high public office to pardon him. He should have resigned from his employment and made his accusation in the US; and not gone over to the protection of adversaries who are likely guilty of doing what the US does or worse. If Snowden is pardoned there will soon come a day when we shall have to offshore national security activity, to peoples less prone to moral epiphanies.
Been liberal or progressive does not mean being ignorant of the harsh geopolitical realities in the world


Aflore You make no sense at all. You are too misguided in your thinking to waste time trying to explain silly analogy.


When was the last time you saw Obama do a Public Service that had a positive impact on YOUR LIFE and that of your FAMILY? NEVER! Yeah. Me, too.


Clearly you have not been open to listening to what Snowden has had to say on the topics. Ignorant is not a word I’d use to describe him or those who interviewed him for countless hours, asking all the important questions. Have you cared or bothered to read or watch even one moment of his decisions? When any American cannot get the Powers that Be to Listen to anything, then what? Just what do you suggest?


Brava Katrina. (And don’t forget Cheney on the list of lesser candidates for pardon due to leaking classified information, ie: Valerie Plame).


Tell that to a president who has presided over the worst persecution of whistleblowers in the history of the nation. He also presumably agrees with the DOJ using a hundred year old law meant to charge spies under rather than whistleblowers. This is a symptom of judicial corruption!


It won’t happen because Snowden made Obama look the fool.

Chelsea Manning deserves a pardon more than Snowden, but that won’t happen either because she made both Obama and Bush look the fool.


The USA is the perfect example of a nation in great need of Balkanisation.
We wonder if the ‘Americans’ have the guts to recognise this.
Is this ‘anti-“American”’ ?
Yes, most certainly so, for ‘We’ are the world that ‘Americans’ have been clearly proven to
hate; to wish to destroy.
Like all great evils it is from a very simple start. ‘America’, is a childishly silly aberration structured on the base conceit in the US word American which any analyst can see is a word used to indicate they are the only ones who count in the Americas.The Exceptionals!
If any wonder why this post sounds angry, just start counting the deaths in the last century for which the US ‘Americans’ are continuing to be proudly responsible while their heroes continue to make their fortunes to the adulation of those who need heroes.
It is the people of the USA who presume the name ‘American’ who are harvesting mankind currently for profit by using the products of the defence industry and the agency of the US Armed Forces. It is as if they think this all is a movie. They are not Fascists. They are Nazis because they use force against other identities for self-gratification in the name of Freedom and Profit and Democracy and Jesus and popcorn and the whole list of twaddle that flows like a river down their throats and off their tongues.
"America’ is a sub-human identity (incomplete; of retarded growth) amongst humanity.


Let’s forget about the more than 19,000 TOP SECRET files that Mr. Snowden gave to his Russian handlers. The safety and security of U.S. soldiers and agents is of no consequence, compared to the new Oliver Stone movie. , Snowden now has Putin as a character reference !!!


As I was reading the title I got, “Edward Snowden the perfect candidate for President”, you know what, that is probably true. Intelligent, honest, adheres to constitution, sticks to the idea it is illegal to obey an illegal order, will not serve special interests over citizens rights, believes in the truth and justice, probably the best possible candidate for president of any one currently in the public eye, even give Doctor Jill Stein a real challenge as to who would be the best President and streets ahead of the Uncle Tom and the chosen successor, the Corporate Whore.


Oooooooooooooooooooooo…scary huh?


Sad, you are living on the river of denial; blind and a lame puppet for imperialist amerika!