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Edward Snowden Responds After Trump DOJ Sues Whistleblower Over New Memoir the US Government 'Does Not Want You to Read'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/17/edward-snowden-responds-after-trump-doj-sues-whistleblower-over-new-memoir-us


The GOP/Trump/FOX are the same propaganda system used before Hitler. They lie, cheat and steal. Of course with flunky Barr heading the Dept. of Justice and Roberts head of Supreme Court with McConnell as Dictator of the Senate they are not going to allow ANY whistleblowers. Add that Trump is running a government with either his criminal buddies like Wilbur Ross or “temporary” heads of almost all departments meaning he can and will fire at will. Trump’s family for generations were connected to and behaved like a mob which is how they got their money.


The article mentioned, “federal employees can and cannot say”.
Several times it states of the lawsuit “Government approval is required of federal employees”.

Snowden was a contractor, not a Fed…


He and ALL americans should sue the government for CORRUPTION and WAR-MONGERING and MURDER!


It almost sounds like Bolton is still in charge.


Official Secrets shows that a whistleblower defense includes breaking laws to prevent illegal activity. It worked for Ms Gun in the UK but can’t Snowden claim the government spying was illegal?


Typical. All the reich wingers latest mantra about free speech. They want it but anybody that disagrees with them or exposes them can have it.


Illegal massive electronic surveillance is enacted on virtually every American citizen and we don’t even have names responsible for initiating that act. The courageous guy that exposes the travesty is hounded and attacked by the politicians who themselves have taken an oath to defend the constitution. The hypocrisy is beyond overwhelming, it is truly sickening.


As a postal worker, I watched the slow deterioration of the postal service over 30 years. It started with the Postal Accountability Act of 2006 passed unanimously in Congress and signed into law by Dubya. As a self-funded, non-profit agency not receiving tax dollars, the postal service was suddenly encumbered with the requirement to produce $5.5 billion dollars per year, cash, to prefund retirement, a burden no not-for-profit agency, private or public, could meet. Consequently, the postal service has been in the red ever since with the postmaster, regardless of who it was, charged with somehow making up the difference, especially since the postal board for many years did not have enough members for a quorum and couldn’t make any recommendations to Congress. Not that it would have done any good. So over the years postmasters reduced services, service standards, and training, abolished or down-graded existing regular jobs, hired contract workers on a one-year contract for less money, benefits, and less training, resulting in poorer service and higher turnover, closed facilities, promoted and protected incompetent and inexperienced managers and supervisors, and generally created havoc out of the public eye, since it is nearly impossible to get a straight answer out of the post office (when an outside person is asking questions from ignorance) and they are not an agency under fire like the VA, ICE, IRS, or other more visible public agencies. Over the years, no-one with the ability to do so has ever called into question the Postal Accountability Act or lobbied for its revocation, so nothing has ever changed within the postal service except the crappy service. The latest plan was to raise the price of the stamp 5 cents, which wouldn’t do much to help the bigger problem anyway, but this action was shot down by a federal court who said the postal service was unable to justify the increase, and they probably weren’t, since the appointees to the Postal Commission probably aren’t postal people anyway and don’t have a clue how to explain it. As far as I can tell, what Snowden did was not much different than the explanation I have just given about the post office, and I’m not sure how telling the truth about the US government should be classified as a crime. Apparently lying is build into our system. I think maybe Will Rogers was the guy who said the government likes to keep people like mushrooms, e.g. feeding them BS and keeping them in the dark. An apt metaphor.


Well, time to buy the book, for openers.

I guess the US government has fallen beneath any worry about the obvious and considerable loss of face in such a move. It is no longer a matter of pretending that the government favors transparency or freedom of speech or the inalienable rights of the individual or any such construction. It is no longer a matter of pretending that the government rules legitimately,

It is not as though adults who care do not mostly know that the government routinely violates Bill of Rights provisions against search and seizure and in favor of right to trial and so forth. So there’s apparently little motive to pretend that the government rules by law.

So what does the DOJ protect by harassing Edward Snowden and his publishers with a patently bogus lawsuit? This horse has not only already left the gate; it’s out grazing the steppes around Moscow.

No, there’s no case against Snowden. This is all to send a message to whoever’s left of the Seth Rich tribe, or any remaining left-libertarian types. And it’s not so much a matter of saving face for the government, but of avoiding the emergence of specific cases that would be embarrassing to decline to prosecute, like the various connections with Jeffrey Epstein, the military and paramilitary drug cartels, the private and corporate and foreign government bribes to US policymakers and so forth.

The US had a probably unprecedented fund of political capital after the American Revolution, and then after the First and the Second World Wars. People around the world more or less knew better, depending on their local political circumstance, but in general and particularly within the United States, almost all malfeasance and treachery were regarded as anomalies not representative of the nature of the US government itself.

That capital is very nearly spent. How many people are still alive who remember WWII, probably the last arguably beneficial US military involvement?


Our old resident troll is baaaack … sod off buddy…


Exactly right Spacecadet…


How are we to believe someone who lied to and deceived his own government? Snowden is the quintessential Benedict Arnold, and like Arnold, has fled rather than face the reality of his actions. Now he wishes to benefit from his treason?

Hi Yore, well that was a clever way of the government to disrupt another working part of America] I would like them to do this again—but this time apply it to the military! : )


The TRUMP MOB are now in power like never before…that is why I call the Trump, Administration a MAFIAOCRACY!


So, they think he is in this only to make money.


Hi mjgranger1:
Hmmm are you on the wrong website?


I think the wrong planet, Stardust.


Fascist, military police state amerika is powerful ! It will take a massive group effort to overthrow these Evil tyrants! Yes, Rise Up; We can get rid of the foul scum!


And the fight goes on. Mr. Snowden along with Assange and Manning need to be seen and heard and as much possible as the public needs to be reminded of their value along with their vulnerability.