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Edward Snowden: With Technology, Institutions Have Made 'Most Effective Means of Social Control in the History of Our Species'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/05/31/edward-snowden-technology-institutions-have-made-most-effective-means-social-control


Technological advancement makes surveillance of the masses easier. All these apps on your phone, for example, designed to make your life easier come at the cost of your privacy. Apps want access to various items on your phone, tracking your movement via GPS or based on your behavior online, like purchases, social behavior, opinions even, what you purchase, how you purchase etc etc. Under the guise of “bringing you better products and services” they invade your privacy each day and the tech is becoming more invasive. Facebook has become an empire based on this premise. Soon people will just be implanted by subdermal implants or built in stuff into their bodies to go about life. The oligarchs are putting every human being on a leash which they jerk when they dont like the behavior and destroy if they become inconvenient.


Sounds like science fiction.

I am sure some 200 years ago people would have thought that the concept of an iPhone is Sci-fi.


The US government revolving door/Citizens United /mafia set up so cogently warned against, will only ‘grow up’ if the people demand accountability. Simply witnessing the past 40 years, it has become plain that the greed of oligarchs - who have been in the mix from the start, and before - is clinically psychopathic. “Manifest Destiny” is another term for forms of obsessive compulsive disorder that is willing to kill, maim, destroy and TAKE - at the drop of a hat.

One of the consequences of this epidemic is that the methodologies are centered on destroying the very ecosystems that result in the unfolding and generation of what these f()!#$ will kill for - yet their ways render them insensate, incapable of seeing beyond bludgeoning their way to their own self-gratification.

When I step back and try to get an overview, this context gives me courage.

  1. Starve them - this can be done in a full spectrum of ways fitting to each and every human being who engages their conscience and will.
  2. In the process the antidotes to the malaise(s), with the sheer diversity inherent in those consciences, rise like creative cream.
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Well, if the folks at CD wanted to, they could track you through the IP address on whatever device you sent this comment on. It’s unfortunately all too simple. If that device was a laptop they could back search your IP address to what ever sites that IP had visited. They could find out what you buy, when you bought it, what you used to pay for it. If you’re using your phone, or any device with a GPS chip, they could activate it and find out where you are/were today.
Snowden told us all this, but we just didn’t seem to care. We will now pay the price, as we all now live in Orwell’s nightmare.


Want to understand this?
Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet. by Yasha Levine
and Shoshana Zuboff’s book The Age of Surveillance Capitalism.



True living heroes. Authentic human beings. Long may they live!


What if Razed is changing the MAC address of his device each time he connects to CD. Service providers usually serve IP addresses based on the first device they encounter. So Razed’s IP would be one when posing on CD and a totally different one when commenting on Fox.

Or even easier, use one of the numerous VPN services avail. They are only a few bucks a months?

Two of Snowden’s “guardian angels” arrived in Canada in March. The other five are still stuck in Hong Kong, the organization says, where they face the threat of deportation to their home countries of Sri Lanka and the Philippines, where they could face continued threats of persecution, torture, and possible death.

Snowden, in his remarks Thursday, said, “I owe them a debt that I’ll never be able to repay.”

How sad that they seem to have discovered those who aided Snowden –
How confused we are about life that we are protecting Yahoo and it’s celebrity info, but
not read truth as Snowden and Assange have delivered it – the kind of truth that creates
our lives in freedom. Too many think they can create lives in nonsense; it won’t happen.

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Science fiction has mostly been true –
and often came from the hidden deeds that our intelligence agencies
were doing … sad to say. Stuff that we citizens paid for that has done great
harm to others. Reality of what this nation has done to others is “science fiction”
writ on high.

Sometimes it feels like only a few of us have read newspaper reports of NSA spying
on all Americans 24/7.

Somehow, despite all the “heart over hand patriotism” and Star Spangled Banner’s
heard, Americans never really learned to treasure liberty and freedom – the kind you
sacrifice your life for in order that your kids can live in peace – in freedom.

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There are moves afoot to do away with cash.


makes everyone trackable at all times. You cant spend a dime without “the system” knowing where you are.


That would mean the end of the little bit of freedom that we have remaining. We should resist this by all means.

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Hard to believe that the Swedes would be that trusting –
I continue to write checks and hate that my husband will use automatic-withdrawal
on a number of accounts!
And what of Americans who continue also seem quite accepting of anything that
makes life easier for them and easier for corporations to steal their money.

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It totally depends on how you use your credit. I use only cash back cards and end up a few hundred bucks ahead every year. I charge everything. It requires discipline and common sense tho, two things that a lot of people lack,

It’s prolly safer than check as papers with my bank account number are not floating around out there.

Nobody using cash??? I use cash.

Thank you Ed. I wish you would say more. Too many agreements to remain hush about so many things!!!

I wish it were merely science fiction. Details no longer public. Scientific facts are being replaced by politically and commercially desirable factoids.

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Via the casa blanca.