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EFF Outlines Plan to Fix the Broken Patent System


EFF Outlines Plan to Fix the Broken Patent System

Electronic Frontier Foundation

San Francisco - The U.S. patent system is in crisis, but there are clear steps Congress and the White House can take to mitigate the impact of vague patents, patent trolls, and a weak legal process to protect competition and creativity, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) explains in a new report released today.



And how about bringing down the cost of patent searches etc. to about ten cents- so that if some
poor person who may have an idea that may save your life- may actually be able to do something
with their idea?
Or if some poor person has an idea that can pull them out of the poverty imposed by sub-minimum
wage Social Security benefits for example… but that’s another story…
I don’t expect anything like these ideas to be adopted by either the Repugnants, or the SLICKER
evil- the Demagogues.