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'Efforts at Incremental Reform Have Failed': Minneapolis City Council Members Declare Intent to Disband Police Department

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/07/efforts-incremental-reform-have-failed-minneapolis-city-council-members-declare


Jake, since few investigative journalism articles mention the underLYING cancerous cause of EMPIRE, ‘we the American people’ may well not be fully ‘Woke’, but I’ll try here anyway: I’ve been thinking about a way to diagnose, explain, and simply connect not only the BLM righteous and essential protests, but also Coronavirus (which I call Covid-45 qua Emperor Trump), the crashing economic and unemployment damage he is creating, along with his misuse of deadly policing even military powers, which could possibly reach to the level of the 1930s Nazi ‘Brown Shirt’ SA level. So I’ve decided to augment my 2017 double-sided signs, that I used every week in Portland Maine and Portsmouth NH., which simply said:

“Our Revolution”

and on the other side:


with these new 2020 double-sided signs:

with —>

and on the other side:


However, Jkae, I did notice that an article in the NY “Times” by [Sheryl Gay Stolberg] titled " ‘Pandemic Within a Pandemic’: Coronavirus and Police Brutality Roil Black Communities — at least begins to connect and consolidate multiple-‘Issues’ together — which may lead to a more holistic view of all the dozens of ‘Issues’ that are caused by the self-same cancerous metastasis of this highly camouflaged Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE.


What a wonderful idea.


Don’t tell me radical and transformative change can’t come quickly. We’ve got a better world to create.

Let’s celebrate that and make it happen across US America.


A very big bravo! to the City Council for their integrity.

"If there is no justice for ALL, there is no justice for any"!

Since efforts to reform police have been sabotaged and stymied, disbanding is the only answer.

A powerful tool in the fight to disband the police dept is to demand and pursue the ID of the probable police provocateur - the “umbrella man” - that person should be exposed and used to show the public the criminal intentions and corruption of the police. Why hasn’t facial-recognition tech been used - they have images and a potential ID that has been denied?.
There are NO new articles about that provocateur or efforts to ID him - All new mentions have vanished from the news - clearly an effort to sweep the crime and probable police involvement under the rug - they clearly know it was a cop! If it wasn’t a cop they would be looking and that appears to have been dead-stopped!


All it will take is One. If One major American City disbands its police force and admits failure of the 21st century post 911 military policing dynamic, it could cause a landslide, and eventually most cities corrupt to their core police forces will either have or evolve, or die.
Of course, it could go the other way as well, especially in some backward assed red state with a liberal major city and a Nazi governor and state house. Firing the police could be used by a Nazi governor as an excuse to implement full time martial law In said city, and the disbanding of the city council by the state and the appointment of a “viceroy” by the governor.
This is just getting started. The fascist forces in this nation have come too far to change course now. The war is just beginning.


The Minneapolis City Council’s action reflects the JFK’s message when he observed that “those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable”.

Disbanding the MPD is an example of the kind of “peaceful revolution” needed.


Start over from scratch. Upper management goes first, then the rank and file.

Require officers and supervisors to live within the community they work.


No, they are not going to abandon any neighborhoods to their own resources. They are going to redirect police resources at the citywide level, covering every neighborhood, in public safety measures that have proven track records of success. They are not proposing to simply abolish the existing force and let the chips fall where they may.

But you regularly practice distortion in these threads to fit your ideological biases. Me pointing out your (intentional) misrepresentation will make no difference to you. Carry on.


Obviously, there are going to be differences of opinion on Common Dreams, and that is a good thing. But there are a number of contrarians here, Lamonte7 among others, and the question I would like to ask them (IF they are not trolls) is “What do you actually believe in?” If you don’t think that we are on the wrong track and need radical change, why then are you on this site? Why do you feel compelled to respond defensively in every instance?


I imagine there will be municipalities all over the country paying close attention to the specifics. Disbanding is being floated all over as an alternative consideration along side defunding.

These city council members might want to watch their backs. There is no way they are going to get protection from the police by the police. It is time to erase the Thin Blue Line.

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JFK was paraphrasing Churchill (and possibly others) who said “We must take change by the hand or rest assuredly, change will take us by the throat.”
This is a movement that has to spread; I’ve been dreaming of police-free society for years. It just doesn’t seem necessary to hire macho men and women to kick the crap out of citizens for corporate/fascist interests.



You’re right about the landslide effect, only wrong with your choice of tense. Minneapolis qualifies as “one major American city” and the council voting to disband is apparently imminent.

All it took was one City Council: Minneapolis. Now we have something to quite unambiguously demand in Oakland, San Francisco, Vallejo… (I’m starting local). Just pick 'em off, one by one, until we’re done. Until then, I’d expect the Floyd Rebellion to keep going strong.

Where there isn’t yet a strong enough public consensus to pull this off, the police provide invaluable assistance with their inabilility to refrain, when threatened like this, from atrocious terror.

We’re watching the first domino fall. The historical significance of it is almost impossible to overstate.

Defund, Disarm, and Dismantle the Police State!


Great move Minneapolis. But like M4ALL, it has to be explained properly.
What will an interim police department look like, and how will the new one look.

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From the linked Appeal story:

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said last night that he opposed disbanding the police department at a protest organized and led by Black Visions Collective against police violence in the city. That answer earned him a thundering chorus of boos and chants of “Shame!” and “Go home, Jacob, go home!” The New York Times called the scene a “humiliation on a scale almost unimaginable outside of cinema or nightmare.”

A severe humiliation of almost MPD amplitude, apparently.

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Can someone please list the names of the council that did this?
They will be heroes in history.
This is the biggest barrier to fall, as of YET on the path to radical change.
I feel alive.


There are 13 names with a nice picture (and statement) at the Minneapolis City Council website:


Afl-cio needs to grow a pair and kick the police out of the union. They’ve been working the system for years and were the base of the “reagan democrats” and now openly vote Republican. Screw them.


Thank You sir

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