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'Efforts at Incremental Reform Have Failed': Minneapolis City Council Members Declare Intent to Disband Police Department

It’s a start. And a good one at that.


Courageous move. I applaud the Minneapolis city council.

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Like the man said in the movie ( police academy)

“One down. Several to go. “

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Hmmm, that reminds me of the other huge failure. The failure of the fucking DNC and its claim that the “New Democrats” would use “incrementalism” as part of their approach to politics. One result is that during the 8 years of Obama they lost over 1,000 seats in various political races around the country. Have they learned a goddamn thing from this? The answer is NO! because anything approaching an attempt at real reform would displease their rich donor base.


Does Frey point out the similar tactics used by his favorite country’s police force ?

Lets not stop at Minneapolis but adopt a more far reaching strategy, the entire US government, from the tiniest township to the white house, congress senate, judiciary, and everything in between. That is the extent of the problem and if there is to be a solution it must got that far. Impeachment was off the table when the rule of law was forever abolished, the Judiciary is as impartial as a stacked deck, and the congress and senate have balked at every opportunity to set things right, and are in fact in favor of the corruption that has utterly and completely eliminated the possibility of representative government, and justice. The executive is headed by organized crime and its various departments such as NSA, CIA, DEA, etc. are every bit as reprehensible and unaccountable as the Mafia run white house. All the checks and balances are completely gone, and quite literally the end is near unless we seize control of the situation and bring the countless villains in all departments to decisive justice. People should not fear their government, governments should fear their people. George Floyd isn’t the first, or the second, and 330 million morons are all next in line for a well deserved dose of the same treatment.


No, it’s not a written policy statement or quarterly quota that produced the long documented record of Minneapolis racist police violence. It’s a toxic mind-set and a toxic culture, fueled by a nasty set of training protocols that emphasize always escalating to get compliance, with racist police violence enabled by a racist justice system. It’s a big complex social phenomenon, one fruit of a “nation” founded on white supremacist genocide and enslavement.

For a local jurisdiction to recognize that its own department needs to be dismantled and replaced in order to have a chance of genuinely getting off the racist police violence treadmill – following many years and numerous iterations of internal reform efforts that led to this – is great news, and a possible step on a path toward a real widespread reckoning with the legacies of racism and white supremacy in USAn society.


There is kind of a big hole in this story, even if the overall concept of change is going to happen
What I am wondering, since the article didn’t specify, is whether only the system and not the officers will change.
If the officers are being let go is it because of a good ole boy environment, or what?
Seem unlikely you can change the system while keeping the majority of the cops.


As long as we don’t disband who ever we need to arrest Trump, we will be fine.


Most Americans do not know or realize that the American police force, nationally, is one of the lowest IQ professions, and that it is on purpose. This is not knee-jerk opinion. American police average 70 to 100 IQ. One can not enlist into the military with an IQ less than 83, which is nearly 1/2 of the American police forces. Less than 83 is not ‘smart’ enough to enter the military - Think about it. To repeat, nearly 1/2 of the police are not smart enough to be in the military, and it is on purpose.

Need proof? Then search on “Professions ranked by IQ”, and “Too smart to be a cop?”.

Do your own research, and then seriously - Think. About. It. -


Some interesting observations from Alex Vitale (author of The End of Policing):

“Historically, when this happens, there is a rupture and it’s not pretty,” Vitale said. “Usually it involves a war. That’s how this fundamental contradiction gets resolved.” The days of police reform, the buzzword of the Obama era are through, Vitale argued. “That’s all done,” he said. “This is a war over the future of the country, and right now it is literally taking place with people fighting cops in the streets. And I think that the question is what does victory for our side start to look like?”


I’ll be annoying everyone recommending The End of Policing (first the book, then the policy) a million times in this forum. It’s a crisp 250-page handbook (the bible) on why, how, and where to dismantle the police.

DC protesters devised another means of breaking through M$MBS’s strict embargo on the mention of anything to do with police abolition: They painted DEFUND THE POLICE on the street in big yellow letters, right next to the municipally-sponsored humungous BLACK LIVES MATTER. That oughta do it.

Our Floyd Rebellion isn’t at all like OWS, when nobody could figure out what the campers wanted.

the only caution or caveat is to be wary of what ultimately might be yet another campaign of “re-branding”. We’ve been down this road many times before: LAs promise to create citizen oversight councils that wound up being still born on arrival, and other “deep reforms” that usually are just rearranging the Titanics chairs.

But it definitely starts here, one way or another. No substitute for keeping up the pressure, although the pressure to appear to “do something” in some of these cities is going to inspire a lot of disingenuous marketing schemes to defuse the passion of these protests.

But it is a start.


Put another way - We must reverse Citizens United - the the gift of Hillary Clinton to the placing of the political/economic system into a choke hold by the financial and corporate stratum - which allows corporate lobbyists to BUY corporate manipulation (control is too kind a term) of local, municipal, state and national intersection of governance, police and policy that has morphed into a sludge swamp with double-edged swards at every turn.

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Here’s their example:


The ones that don’t will be exempt and will have to come up with their own solutions to law enforcement.

What a great idea! Let’s hire George Zimmerman.

That is a damn good question that I myself do not know the answer to.

I think I’m here because I find it boring when I agree with most of the commenters. It’s more fun to banter with those you disagree with.

Klobuchar has a hand in the police environment in Minnesota and now she is being considered for VP. How do we launch an effective effort to ensure she is not picked by Biden? And I don’t mean the useless method of writing to our congress people or Pelosi or Shumer. What can we do that can head off this huge mistake that Biden is contemplating? Any ideas?

I also think we need to abolish private, for profit prisons. Until we do, they will continue to spend millions to influence congress to keep providing customers. Like any corporation, they must show increased profits year over year to satisfy investors and owners. The only way to do that is to increase the prison population year over year. Private prisons are an evil concept.


A real average score would not be a range. If you are saying the real average score could be in that range, then since 100 is supposed to be average, that would seem to imply that their average could be average.

“Do your own research, and then seriously - Think. About. It.”

While thinking about it, it might also be worth considering whether the fluid, adaptive, and multifarious expressions and capabilities of human intelligence can be meaningfully smashed together and represented by a fixed number score on a one-dimensional scale. Maybe that research should also look at the biased history, dubious assumptions, and questionable validity of the very notion of IQ. The Mismeasure of Man, by Stephen Jay Gould, would be a good starting point for that.

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I’m sure many private security-for-hire corporations are smelling blood in the water about now. They probably have turn-key police force plans ready to go. Then it’s just a matter of juicing the media, greasing some palms, and getting in ahead of the competition.

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