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Efforts to Stop Trump 'Tax Cut in Veneer of a Healthcare Bill' Intensify


Efforts to Stop Trump 'Tax Cut in Veneer of a Healthcare Bill' Intensify

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Community Catalyst Action Fund (CCAF), a consumer advocacy group, announced on Sunday the launch of a $1.5 million ad campaign that will target five Republican senators in the hopes of persuading them to defect from the party line and oppose the "shameful" and "


At the very least, let's refer to this whole thing, even Obamacare, as being about affordable access to health insurance and not healthcare. They are not the same thing. Sure, Obamacare has permitted millions to obtain health insurance, and especially for those with preexisting conditions has led to healthcare.


Simply put "Trumpcare," "McConnellcare," or "Ryancare" or whatever you want to call it is about taking health insurance away from millions of poor people to give millions of dollars away in tac cuts to wealthy people who already are filthy rich.


Less we forget: the 23 million people that could loose their healthcare is on top of the more than 28 million who never had insurance in the first place. Time to fight for Expanded, Improved Medicare For All.


so here's the new normal. a constituency has now been created to defend Obamacare on reflex. It's a victory either way for the insurance cartels.

Bad Guys -4,789 Good Guys-2


Yes, I believe we should call it McRyancare or something like that. Trump is imploding himeself, he is his worst enemy but McConnell and Ryan are around until at least 2018.


And we are in a position of having to defend the awful Obamacare because poeple like you implored us to not vote for Hillary Clinton - following the Alan Jones conspiratorial line - even in contested states. So the situation we in was fully predicted thanks to the actions of the alt-left in alliance with the alt-right!


Bullshit. The Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee are the people most directly responsible for the election of Donald Trump.

Your blame game is just that, a game.

And you're no leftist.


Exactly. Sanders would be president if it was not for Debbie and the DNC. We will never forget!


Yea, it reminds me of the Democrat-Republican duopoly. And the bankers funding both sides of wars/conflicts. Those guys with the money are pretty clever, aren't they?


And McConnell and Ryan know exactly what they are doing.


I wonder about the motives of any post that only blames establishment Dems on what is happening right now. I would put more stock in post that also include the corporate right and their generally republican political minions as culprits.


Please substitute (at your discretion) another word or phrase - for "consumer"! I.e. "citizen", "customer" or just: "most U.S. working people", etcetera. We're thinking and using "corporate weasel language" as though it were authentic American culture. Authentic, it ain't! Ciao.


You really need to turn in that name and get another issue from supply. You're utterly unworthy of it.