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Eggs Fly in Iceland as Panama Papers Spark Populist Anger in the Streets



Lovely. This guy probably is a crooked jerkwad, but it's interesting that we'll see destabilization in countries that so far are overtly opposed to the neoliberal financial class. Iceland declared their independence a few years ago. Cameron's been backing the EU breakaway position, Iran, China, and Russia go without saying.
Saudis getting uppity and more independent in their muscular foreign policy, displeasing the US.
Etc etc etc.
Is someone trying to start "spring" movements in "enemy" countries with the potential effect in many to make them all Egypt?
And the EU disciplining it's two most wayward western units?
Gotta keep a really close eye on this one. Don't smell right just yet.


If no US corporations or big business men are involved it this shelter they must all be using Switzerland and the Cayman Islands


"And while many are waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop, the CBC has already announced it will not release the names of the 450 Canadians exposed in the offshore leak, dismissing the group—which reportedly includes "lawyers, mining and oil executives, business people, and even known fraudsters"— because none of them were deemed "prominent personalities."

That's bullsh*t. Release the names. The ones you need to know about are also the ones living next door to you, even doing business with you (which perhaps some are affiliated with the CBC?)_ The Ultra Elite are, more or less, protected by the army and/or gated communities or they'll flee to some remote paradise. Otherwise, they'll never be touched. They should ALL be touched...or in this case, egged and scared sh*tless..

Source your eggs locally, then use them locally.


Last week CNN displayed a photo of a squadron of F-somethings being sent to Iceland. What the hell are those really doing in Iceland? Is the boogyman getting that close to us? :wink:


This is exactly what Sanders is talking about.

Wonder what HRC will say about it, IF she's asked.


The deep state. The more one learns the more one understands their slavery. Just think of it as being worker bees dedicating a life for the benefit of others while never tasting the royal jelly.


If there is a silver lining in all this it would be that socialism must finally come.

"There is no mention at all of use of Mossack Fonseca by massive Western corporations or Western billionaires—the main customers.": Do we smell a rat?


It is my understanding that neither Putin's or Assad's names are mentioned in those papers however the western media is linking them as a diversion method to deflect blame falling flat on the US, Canada, New Zealand billionaires.


Cameron is "overtly opposes to the neoliberal financial class"??? And Putin, and the Ukrainian Chocolate Guy and the wealthy Chinese Club Elite, who call themselves a "Communist Party" are real "men of the people" who oppose the wealthy and privileged too right?

The Commondreams commenters are becoming a laboratory of cognitive-behavioral disorders...


Can't hide from our predator drones can they?


From what I read Putin is not mentioned at all in the data dump it is only western journalists particularly those of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists which is backed by large western corporations that allude to his wealth through his friendship with a musician who is. No mention of western corporations or politicians although the ICIJ says that info is coming. So it's all about sales/advertising, Putin's a better draw as corrupt compared to say Hilary Clinton.? I think not. This is about getting Putin no mater what. Just as the Americans were willing to sacrifice their own fracking companies to the Saudi's so that they could destroy the Russian economy.


Thanks to the Internet


They must have known something, so what are they going to do if people want to oust those sons of bitches out of power?


Sanders owes it to himself to use this event to his full advantage and rub that bitches nose into the dirt.


Simply put if this release limited to listing the corruption of a handful of States already being vilified as corrupt in the Western media then it becomes worse then useless. I reserve judgement until I see more but really wonder WHY they started with Putin and Assad.


You know what I wonder? I wonder why both Putin and Assad are mentioned by name, BUT neither one of them has any off-shore haven accounts. It is claimed that relatives or colleagues may, but not Putin or Assad - so why mention them instead of the names of the offending parties? Because this is being used by the MSM as a smear campaign on Putin and Assad. I welcome the information, BUT it is wrong to use it to justify violence in the middle east and against Russia. We cannot let the media manipulate us like this.


I too wonder why Putin and Assad got the bad press and western billionaires and corporations got barely a mention. Though BHP-Billiton (Australia) did get named as having their hands in the Australian taxpayers' pockets.

Come on, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists; release ALL the names in the public interest. We have the right to know as it is our money that this filth has been stealing.

No taxation without publication!


Yes, at least friends (the Saudis) are friends of hillary's - so why isn't clinton being named prominently in this article, as Putin and Assad is?



Hillary for Prison 2016