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'Egomaniac' Trump Cancels Eagles White House Visit and Will Host National Anthem Party for Himself Instead


'Egomaniac' Trump Cancels Eagles White House Visit and Will Host National Anthem Party for Himself Instead

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After President Donald Trump decided late Monday to cancel an event with the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles after realizing that less than 10 players would attend—a move Philly mayor Jim Kenney mocked as further proof that the president is a "fragile egomaniac"—Trump announced on Twitter that he will instead host his own event Tuesday afternoon featuring the U.S.


First time in the country’s 229-year history it gets to watch a president masturbate in public. Bring your microscopes.


From the article:

One critic characterized it as little more than a “patriotic circle jerk.”

Make that a “faux-patriotic” circle jerk. Real patriots don’t dodge their taxes.


Wouldn’t it be hilarious if nobody showed up for his “National Anthem Party?”


I am not sure how someone who was militarily deferred 4 times (or was it 5) during the Vietnam War is any sort of expert on patriotism. There was a time when all presidents were vets, but no more.


Trump will be the perfect
pivot man in said circle jerk


Trump and America seem like oil and water, they don’t mix. He seems to be governing an imaginary dictatorship. Maybe it could be called the United States of White America or the USWA. Can’t blame the Eagles who didn’t want to show up at the White House. Nor the Golden State Warriors who made the same decision last year. Of course the Republicans are going along with whatever Trump does. That is what is scary. For the Republicans corruption is okay, misogyny is okay, racism is okay, etc.


But, but… President Class Act bragged during the Republican “debates” that his johnson was large, assuring the audience that “there is no problem down there”. Are you saying that he was lying? Oh wait…
This piece of reckless, egotistical filth MUST be removed from office. Trump is a national nightmare for most of us. Only his drooling fans still avoid the truth that they voted for a massive clusterfuck who will not “drain the swamp” but rather drown this country in it while Wall Street, the oligarchs and the MIC are laughing all the way to the bank.


Absolutely yes. I have worked in the mental health profession and I keep thinking of Trump and thinking of how he could be diagnosed by a psychologist or psychiatrist. The term “narcissistic sociopath” comes to mind. That is indeed a category described in the Diagnostic Statistical manual used widely by the mental health profession. “Egomaniac” also comes to mind. Also “con artist.” To be blunt, he is the worst president I have seen in my lifetime. He is the most sexist and racist president in my lifetime. And he wants to be a macho he-man president that will involve us in yet another war in the Mideast, on the other side of the planet spending more trillions of dollars to make our currently huge national debt even more huge.


Game Show Donny will convince himself that the band is playing in his honor. In reality, they are simply obeying an order, a rather foul stinking one.


The GOP do not give a damn about the national debt until the Dems are in office.