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'Egregious Abuse of Power': Report Says Trump Offered Pardon to CBP Head if He Broke Law and Blocked Asylum-Seekers


'Egregious Abuse of Power': Report Says Trump Offered Pardon to CBP Head if He Broke Law and Blocked Asylum-Seekers

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"Maybe someone should hold a hearing into all the different ways Trump has asked people who work for him or the government to break laws."

That's what journalist Garance Franke-Ruta suggested Saturday in leading off a Twitter thread with a list of reported examples.



I guess I don’t understand why the asshole is “untouchable” and immune from prosecution for obvious crimes, misdemeanors, and just plain HEARTLESS MEANNESS!!!



What part of BEST CONGRESS MONEY CAN BUY don’t you “understand” ?

The corporations that Illinois Senator Dick Durbin in 2004 reminded us “own the place” (Washington DC) have never had it as good as they have with Trump so they will not let their puppets take the punch bowl away.



Every single Duopoly politician that allows the lawlessness of this administration to continue for even one more day, without initiating proceedings for the immediate impeachment of this waste of human flesh, isn’t deserving of another day in political office themselves.



A view to a Black Hole that preceded this week’s:

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Isn’t that conspiracy to defraud the government? I guess not if nobody is going to charge him with it.



Like he said " I could shoot someone dead in the middle of fith avenue and no one would do anything"

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I sincerely hope that I am driving down Fifth Avenue when he decides to pull the trigger.

I may not do anything, but my 3000 pound vehicle will.



Catchy tune, if your in that “old timey” mood.



Right ! But now the whole country STINKS due to the loss of moral values and ramped up fear.

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You’re absolutely correct Mary.

Seems his stench has infected the whole country, making one have to look around before speaking his name, for fear of Devil Worshipers listening close by.

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So far I’ve been lax on hanging my upside down flag with bold black painting of SAY NO TO HATE but it may be the time to put it up even though someone my throw a rock through my window.
PS I live in AZ



That’s a scary thought Pony.
I was with a young lady in Hong Kong once and we walked into an alcove along the street. All of a sudden two men in black suit and tie blocked the entrance. Here is a soldier boy that was in a war zone two days before and I was at a loss as to how handle the situation. The native girl tore them a new a-hole in 3 seconds flat. They reluctantly bugged out.
MORAL: If turning or looking around, it doesn’t hurt to have a friend at hand. Four fists are better than two.

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Suggestion: If you sense it’s coming, strike first, and hard enough to put down any reprisal.

I learned that from my "Grand Pop."

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It’s Saturday night!

A little Curved Air. I saw them open for another musical group back in 1972. I believe it was Jethro Tull.

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I wonder if Leo Kottke has one of those instruments.

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Curved Air. innovative, and I love the bass lines. Never heard of them before. thanks.
Now back to SNL



One of my all-time favorite songs!



Anyone working close to Trump, who would trust Trump if he said “Go ahead, break the law, I’ll have your back” would be a fool.

Trump’s whole career involves throwing anyone and everyone under the bus if he thinks it will serve him.

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As the election season gets closer expect more and more of this. Trump respects and cares for nothing so this is going to be a very dangerous and stressful time especially with the corporate democrats doing their usual wishy-washy dance and only opposing him only on the most cosmetic of issues but never on anything related to the military or regime change wars.