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'Egregious Abuse of Power': Report Says Trump Offered Pardon to CBP Head if He Broke Law and Blocked Asylum-Seekers


Which one Webwalk?

Marie Antoinette?

I haven’t found anyone else who has ever heard of Curved Air.



I use to live in Sedona, Arizona and I can tell you you will be lucky if you only get a rock thrown threw your window!



No your other post PB, Loudon Wainwright III.

Heard of Curved Air but never listened, that’s a great song.



What you mean-um “human” flesh, Kemo Sabé?

Unfortunately, with Tweetle-Dumb’s open supporters currently in firm control of the Senate, P’Loser and her chicken-shit DamnocRats who control the House have the excuse that an impeachment now would only result in a “not-guilty” verdict which would give him even more propaganda for the re-election cam­paign . . .




I stick with my position. Nothing is futile until undertaken.

Perhaps, there’s Undertakers in all their futures.



Wah-wah. Why won’t you go after Trump instead of trying to be a commentator (like Trump). People who actually want change can not afford to take a long, ironical view.



At last, songs! More, more of them. They work, you know. Without them we’d still be in Viet Nam. Here’s one of my all time favorites with 100 per cent relevance to today: Wenn der Fuhrer says, we ist der master race. Just a second while I look for it on the web. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6sWmBh3jzI&list=RDMReV9dkAVhY&index=3)



Why don’t you realize we have Trump because our system is owned by oligarchs?

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Thanks for the feedback.

More to come.



I can think of a few reasons.
First and foremost, he is one of the best distractions the oligarchy has ever had, so why wouldn’t they be happy to leave him in place as they systematically dismantle the last vestiges of the regulatory state while everyone is focusing on Trump?
Corporate looting is at an all time high, and the stock market reflect that.
That leaves your average wallstreet parasite more than happy with the way things are.
Aipac loves the guy for obvious reasons, and since they own about 90% of America’s politicians none of them are likely to move against him without Aipac’s green light.
The democrats also want someone they “can’t possibly loose against™” in 2020, and with vp Pence being a religious nutjob in a country full of religious nutjobs, he could possibly beat any neoliberal they decide to run.



Sad, but true.  Very true.   The DNC and party “elites”, by forcing Wall Street’s stooge Krooked Hilliary on us, are as much responsible for Tweetle-Dumb as the Russkies.  Now they’re pushing Buddy-Geek 'cause they know he’d lose and Bait-Oh who, if you check his record, is just as bad as – if not worse than – Biden and even the Red Queen herself.

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