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'Egregious Handout' to Corporate Polluters as Trump EPA Moves to Accelerate Pipeline Approvals With Attack on Clean Water Act

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/09/egregious-handout-corporate-polluters-trump-epa-moves-accelerate-pipeline-approvals


At some tipping point someone is going to tire of the lazy U.S. population and do something outrageous. We should all be chipping in to do what little we can.


We’re so screwed!!! January 2021 can’t come soon enough.


Here again, “progressives” and those pesky “leftists” have to keep in mind that to keep right wing judges and what not from coming to pass the DNC LLC and Corporate State Democrats best be siding with Trump on this in order to get that all important clueless as dirt “swing voter” (clueless as dirt wasn’t sarcasm to be perfectly clear)

40 years of devastation? The voter wanted all of it, don’t you know.


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Trump will remain in power. Biden doesn’t have a chance and the DNC will kill off any candidate not beholden to the dumber than dirt “swing voter” who just LOVES being oppressed by the Big Insurers and Big Pharma.

So…here comes Trump again. It is almost guaranteed.


Using high quality seamless steel pipe.
Using double wall pipe when laying into a trench at a brook, creek or river.
X-ray the welds and stress relieve the area to avoid hydrogen enbrittlement.

These are all effective ways to reduce potential spills like the one
that wrecked the river at Battle Creek, MI about 6 years ago.
Still not cleaned up as of today.
Enbridge was / is the lazy owner.
That entire pipeline from Griffith, Indiana to Sarnia Ontario has been replaced.

If Biden is pushed by the DNC as the nominee over more impressive and popular choices, then there could be a repeat of 2016, except for the fact that Biden is a male candidate with less baggage than what Hillary carried around, or what Dump managed to smear her with, such as the email issue. I’d rather not see Biden offered up as the candidate. We certainly can do better with many of the others looking to get our approval. I can’t believe Dump could prevail in 2020. There’s just so much stuff that is out in the open that people didn’t understand before the last election. Just like mile after mile of roadkill on the highway. Dump’s presidency is not enjoyable to look at and the hot sun creates quite a stench.

Whatever happened to the state’s rights agenda the Republicans used to push?

And let’s just say for the sake of argument that the trampster is voted out on the day. How exactly will the US federal government be significantly better after that day, if the election results you are hoping for come to pass?

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For best results, regaining control of both the Senate and House by the Democrat party would go a long way to resolve the deplorable conditions our country is dealing with from just this short period of orange tinted craziness. Since the tax program giveaway to the rich and 1% has affected the budget so greatly, it won’t be easy to make changes to the route we are on that would benefit average citizens. Programs and policies that many of us took for granted have been modified to benefit only the rich and large corporations. If we don’t replace the current regime in this next election, we’ll be in the same boat like when Raygun and Shrub had 8 years to complete their agendas. Giving the Dumpster an additional 4 years of bull in a china shop rule will mean irreversible changes to our way of life. Then what will we do to correct what should have never happened?

Which party will you support to resist pipelines, fracking, clean coal, and drilling? There’s not one likely to win in 20 with a record of doing anything of the sort.

Common Dreams has myriad articles on problems in America but there is one issue that supercedes all others. The MIC plunder of the treasury. End militarism and all can be solved. No one in congress will stand up to the military bullies… End the wars started by chickenhawks based on lies and false flags…


The world must wean itself from fossil fuels and replace with renewable energy. Profits over life is pathetically absurd.