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Egypt Bombs Libya as Blowback Continues and Regional War Spreads


Egypt Bombs Libya as Blowback Continues and Regional War Spreads

Jon Queally, staff writer

Proving that recent history and the interwoven cycle of violence, western intervention and instability in the greater Middle East knows few borders, the regional war against the Islamic State (or ISIS) that has largely been confined to battlefields within Iraq and Syria appears to be rapidly spreading.


The letter I posted at the Andrew Bacevich piece is a rebuttal to this skewed framing of “truth and consequences.”

This was not misguided or accidental, but deliberate and intentional.


America brings freedom and democracy to the mid-east.


Good God,

We are going to fry this planet. Nothing heats up the atmosphere like World War.


ISIS is the bastard child born of US foreign policy in the ME. Obama should be removed and the neocon architects of the Iraq invasion must be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity.


What most Americans do not know and were never told by their MSM is that Libya, under Kaddafi, had one of the highest standards of living not only in Africa, but in the entire world. And it would have even gone higher if he could have implemented the gold Dinar. That policy was what put the nail in his coffin.


Tragically these folks are going to have all of us vanish too if we do not find a way to stop them.


I’m sure the next President of the United States will recognize the horror the U.S. government unleashed with its illegal bombing of Libya and therefore apologize to the Libyan people, pay war reparations to those citizens of Libya that lost everything and promise to do whatever they can to help rebuild the society they destroyed.
All we have to do as citizens of the U.S. is to elect anyone to office in any future election provided that they’re not affiliated with either the Republicans, Democrats or Tea Party.
Yeah… right!


ISIL just beheaded a bunch of random folks in Libya…


No, not random - Coptic Christians. How convenient since the AUMF is on the agenda. Not to get another subterfuge meme going; just sayin’. We could start a pool to guess how many more execution videos we’ll be treated to until, with all due seriousness and haste, our statesmen and stateswomen commit all of America to WWIII. IS gets a bonus this month, deferred payment of course.

We should re-imagine what is: “Our forces in the Middle East.”


No, that’s not all we have to do, but it would be a damn good start!


Does anyone believe that the Egyptians (or the Americans/Jordanians/other) bombed ISIL with pin point precision? They just bombed a bunch of ordinary civilians who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. But the west is so dumbed down and programmed to respond to labels, that they get away with murder. They hear “militant” and “terrorist” and they all imagine this perfect military strike where blood thirsty orcs are assembled and here comes the MIC cavalry to the rescue. Which in turn generates more orcs, angry at mamma and papa orcs being blown to bits and incinerated.

Force those who mount these attacks to justify the targets and while they’re at it, remove the orc tinted glasses.


Sorry to hear about that. Have a good trip. For some reason, I didn’t see your message until just now.



Are they doing fingerprint checks and Iris scans to enter the U.S.? Haven’t been back there for years. What a violation of the Fourth Amendment!

Think I’ll just take my vacations somewhere else!