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Eight Countries Join Global Fight Against Trump's Anti-Abortion Move


Eight Countries Join Global Fight Against Trump's Anti-Abortion Move

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Eight countries have joined a fundraising effort to counter President Donald Trump's executive order last month that cuts off U.S. funding to global charities providing information about abortions.

Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lovin told Reuters on Thursday that a conference kicking off the fundraising initiative is scheduled for March 2 in Brussels, with the aim of helping nongovernmental organizations that operate family planning projects.


The 1% are lining up contacts in these nations so they can quickly fly off to get abortions after abortion becomes illegal in the US...just like they did when abortion was illegal a half century ago..

Contraception and abortion have always been readily available to the wealthy irrespective of the law.


The Netherlands' participation in this initiative would very much be open to question should Geert Wilders become that nation's prime minister.


It is wrong to frame tRump's move as anti-abortion. That implies there is a pro-abortion side.

But there is no pro-abortion side. I do not think anyone wants all pregnancies to be terminated. That is what a pro-abortion person would want.

A woman is first and foremost a human being, not a life-support system for a uterus.

She undergoes a significant amount of risk to her well-being in carrying a fetus to term. The human society as a whole must recognize that risk and provide complete support to someone who chooses to take that risk for the sake of continuation of humankind (pre-natal, neo-natal care, parental leave, ...). But ultimately, it must be her choice. The males (I am one) should stay out of it, they have no skin in the game, they do not die of miscarriage and the like.

The issue is choice. So tRump and his minions are anti-choice. Reject any other framing of the issue.



Go Canada! Anytime prolifers buy oil that was piped down from Canada's oil sands, those prolifers will be funding abortion! Oh I love the irony!


Ah yes, we're rapidly retrogressing back to the days when the poor got a rusty coathanger in a back alley and often died of sepsis while the wealthy "took a vacation in Sweden."
* If you want to get an idea of Trump and the Oilagarchy's ideal of "life in these United States," read some of Dickens' novels. Then you, too, can see the "filthy rich" grinding the filthy poor for whatever pennies they can earn.
* Nothing changes as long as the Oilagarchy exists in power, regardless of what you call it.


What a surprise....all countries who are rated better than us in quality of life in every aspect.


In the same vein not all that many people are pro abortion but instead feel that the decision must be the decision of the woman involved. She and only she has the right or even can make that irrevocable decision.


Where the US withdraws, other nations should step up. No faltering, the lives of many women hang in the balance.