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Eight Ways People are Fighting for Forests this International Day of Forests


Eight Ways People are Fighting for Forests this International Day of Forests

Dawn Bickett

Love trees? Then celebrate – 21 March is the International Day of Forests!

Without healthy, thriving forests, our planet cannot sustain life. But they are facing serious threats from human activity. As much as 80 percent of the world's forests have already been degraded or destroyed.

The good news is that people are fighting back to protect these crucial parts of our planet. Here’s a look at eight different people-powered fights for forests from all over the world.


Forests become ever more beneficial as larger human populations mess up the oxygen supply.


Excellent educational article. More like this would be appreciated!


The ultimate greenery - a forest. Home to abundance and diversity. Awesome to behold and glorious to experience.

Have pity on your children and theirs as the forests of Earth pass from your sight. It isn’t just logging that destroys the forest though we are worse than army ants or a plague of locusts and consume everything in our path.

Many of these forests will never return once they are gone. Climate change and spreading population, the economies of profitable use of the land (palm oil plantations for example) .

These are the last of the best and climate change will take its toll. ‘Here there be Jaguars’ How long will that last? There used to be a few Jaguars in the southwest USA in our lifetimes. ‘Where have all the Jaguars gone?’

The last of the best … And not much of that anymore at that.


Contrary to the fools who insist that ALL humans are stupid, uncaring, or sheeple… this article shows that all over the world people are doing their best to fight the armed and dangerous exploitations of the corporations and their henchmen.

As I’ve been saying for some time, those who recognize that they are part of a dynamic living sphere and LOVE nature are essentially the New Indigenous Natives. And everywhere this new breed of Native is working, fighting, protesting, and strategizing ways to thwart the rapacious reach of The Beast (= the corporations merged with the MIC).