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Eight Ways to Strengthen Our Democracy Beyond Voting


Eight Ways to Strengthen Our Democracy Beyond Voting

Chuck Collins

Throughout this trying election season, we’ve been told how much is at stake with our vote. But the success of any democracy depends on continuing to pay attention long after we cast our ballots.

So let’s pledge to strengthen our democracy with a few resolutions to focus our intentions and keep us moving forward over the next four years.

1. Change your media diet.


All those goals are commendable but they do not solve the problem of social dysfunction, violence within society itself and unfortunately discrimination. I doubt that the US, as a nation, has anything but a dystopian future to look forward to!


It's one beginning, and an important nudge in right directions. Listening constructively to alternate POVs tones critical political and social muscles. And he's right that it diminishes the divisive influence of lowest common denominator journalism and media.