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Elbaradei: Trump Propaganda on Iran Nuclear Deal Like Run-up to Iraq War


Elbaradei: Trump Propaganda on Iran Nuclear Deal Like Run-up to Iraq War

Juan Cole

Former head of International Atomic Energy Agency weighs in on Trump's move to decertify the deal

Demonstrators gathered in front of the White House on Oct. 12, 2017 for a rally to stop a war with Iran. (Photo: Stephen Melkisethian/flickr/cc)


Confirmation of more lies from the Liar-in-Chief.

We the People have yet to flood the streets to protest these liars marching us to war.

Must it take a War to get us in motion?

Like I’ve said before, don’t wait for the Democrats to organize any Antiwar protests, they’re licking their chops just waiting for their own opportunity.

The time is now!


As always offering clear knowledge of the facts, and clear reasoning. Mr. Cole presents clear arguments which any reasonable person should find compelling. As one of the most capable reporters writing on the subject today he offers a rare and invaluable service. Thank you.


Keep your eye on Nikki! She has her own agenda here, and she’s dangerous!


Let’s hope the other signatories are not so diplomatic this time about the nonsense coming from the White House. While I don’t place any blame on our allies, their restraint with respect to the Bush administration’s claims was not helpful in retrospect. I think Hans Blix said as much about himself.


The Iraq situation was less clear. Saddam did have programs for chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons previously and never clearly said that these programs had been abandoned. Then there were defectors who lied about the programs still existing. And Colin Powell thought there were such weapons programs based on aerial photographs which he displayed to the UN. That was the situation when Congress gave Bush authority to use force as leverage to get the UN to go back into Iraq and make inspections. It was only after the UN did go back and make inspections that it became clear that no such weapons programs still existed. The UN did not approve the US invasion and the polls showed the majority of Americans opposed intervention without UN approval. Nevertheless, the US invaded Iraq.


UN inspectors clearly said they had. Suggest you read Scott Ritter.


That’s misremembering history. Saddam was a bit cagey towards the end–he knew troops were amassing to the south. Under threat of invasion he waffled. The Bush administration wanted to go to war though and did everything it could to force the issue.

The Vice President’s Office (with Rumsfeld) set up a backchannel intelligence operation to cherry pick intelligence it preferred. It also worked with defectors to put that bad intelligence, and their stories, in front of the president and press. An innuendo filled propaganda campaign was run for the home audience utilizing friendly reporters, etc. Moreover, the Bush White House withheld information from the inspectors, purposely, because it knew it was unreliable. At the same time, Hans Blix and our allies were far too diplomatic in their approach to the administration, something Blix later admitted.

Some journalists, along with the administration, sought to write a new retrospective version of history after no weapons were found. There were different variations–the IC messed up!–but most were nonsense. Even the claim about not keeping the no fly zones intact were weak tea. We went to war because the Bush Administration wanted too and developed a strategy for doing so. And they were successful at it too, a huge majority of Americans supported invasion on the eve of the war:

Hillary Clinton got a lot of shit for her vote, but people forget half of her constituency supported invasion. She and other Congress people were subject to a fairly deep propoganda campaign by the Bush administration too. Not to excuse the vote, but they were lied to by an administration hellbent on invasion, but with the added pressure of constituents manipulated by threats of mushroom clouds. FOX trashed the weapons inspectors for a reason. Some were braver than others, while some took the administration seriously. I think Clinton did the latter, to her detriment.