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Election 2016: It's a Sad, Sad World


Election 2016: It's a Sad, Sad World

Christian Christensen

I‘ve been interviewed 5 or 6 times here in Sweden over the last 24 hours about Trump, which has given me time to think over what all of this means. My only firm conclusion is that regardless of who wins on November 8, the US has lost. And this is probably the clearest case of a national self-inflicted wound one could ever find. No-one is blameless. The Republicans sold their soul to the devil, then sat by and gave their pathetic blessing to a half-wit spouting bile. Whatever regrets that came were far too little, far too late.


Couldn't have expressed it better myself. Thanks, Mr. Christensen.

Effin' A, it's effin' sad . . . effin' A.


This election reflects just how dysfunctional this countries political and economic systems are.
Our political class is dead and Capitalism is dead.
The only thing keeping either of these systems from being buried six feet under is the corrupt corporate media and the plutocratic talking heads who refuse to relinquish their paychecks for the greater good.


"Remember a million years ago when we were told the unthinkable Bernie Sanders run would pull Hillary to the left?"

Our first clue that this was not happening was when she failed to name Bernie as her running mate.


Right, two 70 year old farts running the country.
What a sight that would have been.


Christian Christiansen's title and the rant that followed reminded me of the favorite TV show of Daria Morgedorfer and her best friend Jane Lane, "Sick, Sad, World".
Chris, you can still get a "Sick, Sad World" T-shirt here:


I'll never vote for Trump (for the same reasons I won't vote for Hillary) but I actually think Trump might be the Lesser Evil (though evil he will be).

He's mentally disorganized & doesn't know how to work with Washington insiders & I think NATO might balk when he asks them to join in the bombing of Syria, Ukraine, or wherever.

Whereas Hillary will be ruthlessly efficient in bombing the world and in transferring wealth upward.

Also, with an openly racist and sexist POTUS, we will see if the Dems actually care enough to show some opposition, or if they will just roll over, like they did when W was POTUS.

If the Dems get sensible, good on them. If not, an opportunity for Greens, Socialists, even Libertarians.

The sheer awfulness of Trump might inspire genuine, grass-roots action with a chance of meaningful reform.

Whereas a Hillary presidency guarantees the same steady (but accelerating) march toward disaster as the Obama administration, and, unquestionably, someone even worse 8 years down the road.


2016's scariest sentence is "ready on day one" when you consider who she is "ready" to pay back.

Wall Street's payback will be whatever they want and then some.

Progressives will be paid back commensurate with the road blocks they put in the path of her coronation to assure nobody hears a peep out of them in the 2020 election.


Hey Christian, being in Sweden won't save you from the world shit storm that's coming if either of these two ass hats: Clinton or Trump gets elected. I voted green, and I hope everyone else does like wise, the planet we save would be our own. Instead what's going to happen is you'll awaken on the 9th and yay, Hillary by a 'landslide' and yet over the next 4 - 6 years we'll either be in more locations fighting more enemies, or it'll all be peaceful as we live in the distopian Blade Runner world. Cool place to visit (for 2 hours!) but you wouldn't want to live or die there!

Vote Green and take a picture of your ballot!


I was a Bernie supporter and now support Jill Stein. I would rather Trump win than the corrupt warmongering Hillary Clinton. The greater good is Jill Stein.


Thanks, Prof. Christensen, for articulating what so many of us feel.


Are Blankfein and Dimon really in their 70s? My, how time flies.


Well done.