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Election 2016: Not Donald Trump vs Not Hillary Clinton


Election 2016: Not Donald Trump vs Not Hillary Clinton

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The candidates likely voters are backing in the upcoming presidential election appear to be Not Donald Trump and Not Hillary Clinton.

That's according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Thursday, which looks at a general election hypothetical matchup between Clinton and Trump, and found the Democrat leading the Republican 45 to 36 percent.


The numbers are clear then... Independents along with thinking persons WANT Sanders. Is it so hard for the System to respond affirmatively to that?


Clinton is the ONLY way Trump could become President. She represents the status quo of totally corrupt oligarchy, and a clear majority of US voters know this, crystal clear.

If Clinton is seen as Trump's only opponent, then Trump will be the candidate of opposition to the existing corruption.

Tulsi Gabbard jumped ship. There must be other people inside the DNC bubble who grasp this truth.


Lots of ewes are saying "yuck" this year. Bernie 2016!


Our government is designed to thwart what America's citizenry wants. It was created by rich, white, slave-holders to serve and protect their interests. And even today it serves rich, white, wage and prison slave-holders by serving and protecting their interests


Orange Mussolini versus MegaThatcher.

“There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party … and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat.”–Gore Vidal


Clinton leads trump by 10 pts? I have my doubts...


Yeah, Hillary's pal Nate Silver probably provided those numbers.


Funny you should mention the Guardian. Some months ago they ran a story about Hillary testifying before Congress and saying, in effect, "you can trust me."
I commented on the Guardian blog, simply saying how her testimony was so reminiscent of Nixon's "I am not a crook" moment. Nothing more than that.
The Guardian deemed my post outside their community standards and deleted it!
To that I could only reflect, such was the cost of presenting the world Edward Snowden. GCHQ, SIS, et al must have seriously rattled some cages there, for the paper hasn't been the same since that time.


Yes, not Donald and not Hillary. But it looks for sure yes Donald and close to sure, yes Hillary.

I would argue if that is the choice in November ( which is really no choice) If one does not support a third party candidate, to support Trump as the more effective evil, because Hillary's evil is covert, surreptitious, clandestine, mendacious, subterfuge and Trump's is out in the open for anyone with half a brain to see and that my progressive friends might just be what we need to make a third party nascent for 2020.


We have our share of trolls that ignore Sanders or interject confusion to divert our attention to negativity or side-issues or clairvoyant predictions of Sanders imagined failures to "discourage Sanders supporters". Some take on a "progressive" or "leftist" cloak but their dialogue is anything but supportive of Sanders or the issues he champions. They focus on "party" and historical inequality that doesn't do anything positive for today's struggle - a devious conversation instead of a positive one.........


How many points does Bernie lead Trump by? I would guess it is at least double of Hillary's 10 points or more.


I am truly torn. I will no longer vote the lesser of two evils. If Bernie is not the nominee, it is evil vs. evil incarnate ( your choice as to who is who). I feel a vote for the Green Party means/does nothing. Maybe 75%+ of the electorate NOT voting for President would be the answer. Show once and for all the sham that is the U.S. Presidential elections. I would still vote for truly progressive candidates state wide and locally, if they even exist. Bernie or bust.


Yes. PUMA!


Some poll numbers bernie beats trump by 10 - 16 points and I would guess those polls underestimate Samders strength as state primary polls did.......



Thanks for the acronym, i had to look it up: Party Unity My Ass!




Are these trolls?


And so the obvious response, since there IS still another candidate in the race for Pete's sake, is to take a poll to see what the sentiments are regarding a Trump vs. Sanders race.

Can't the Sanders campaign get a poll done now???


Voting for the greater or lesser evil is voting for evil. Don't vote for evil.