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Election Coffers Fill Up as Campaign Finance Laws Go Unchecked


Election Coffers Fill Up as Campaign Finance Laws Go Unchecked

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As 2016 U.S. presidential campaigns get underway, candidates are already raking in unprecedented amounts of donations—and being accused of violating campaign finance laws, according to new reports.

But the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the agency in charge of regulating campaign finance, along with the U.S. Justice Department, are unlikely to do anything to stop it.

According to statements from commissioners, the FEC is hampered by internal partisan disputes that have prevented it from making any progress on reining in abuse of those laws.


As a rule of thumb, people should vote for those that get the least mainstream media publicity and against those that get the most.


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Jebushter has not officially declared his candidacy as yet because he is too busy fundraising for his super pac. When his campaign coffers are bulging, he will then announce his candidacy. I suspect that the 15-and-counting GOP presidential hopefuls that have announced their candidacy have not done so because they want to be POTUS; they want to be able to travel, eat, buy entire wardrobes, rent limos, stay in penthouses, network for lobbyist jobs, etc. all paid for by campaign funding (and fawning donors)…regardless of the rules preventing many of those activities (who is watching…not FERC). There is no way (unless they really are hopelessly narcissistic) that several of them could or will even come close to receiving the nomination. Let’s hope not…all combined the IQ would not go beyond 100.