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Election Losses Don’t Stop Corporate Efforts to Block Voter-Approved Minimum Wage Hikes


Election Losses Don’t Stop Corporate Efforts to Block Voter-Approved Minimum Wage Hikes

Kim Haddow

Voters spoke very clearly on November 8 when they elected to raise the minimum wage in Arizona and Maine, along with Colorado and Washington State.

But those wins, the democratic process, and the express will of the people are being defied and denied in Arizona and Maine, where corporate lobbyists and their legislative allies are working to block, delay, even rewrite the laws approved on Election Day.

These efforts to flout voter-approved laws are part of ongoing conservative and corporate-backed strategies to keep wages low.


Because corporations spend so much time trying to eliminate minimum wage, it is time that States instead implement "guaranteed basic income" for their residents to the tune of around $2000 per month regardless of whether the adult is working or not. This way the States can agree to corporate demands to do away with the minimum wage. Of course companies will have to make it worth while for anyone to work by paying them a decent wage, but at least workers will no longer be at the mercy of their corporate masters. I would pay for the guaranteed basic income by raising the corporate tax rate to its 1960 levels while also taxing trades on the stock market, I would also divert funds from the military to the guaranteed basic income to increase national security and improve patriotism without the need to bomb innocent civilians half way around the world. This would be a huge boost for the 99% and as for the rich... well they'll still be rich and no longer living in mortal fear that the pitchforks are at the end of their driveway.


These efforts are truly terrible and nothing but about allowing the Chamber of Commerce to run states. You can only hope voters turn on them.


With tax breaks, low wages and State Government subsidies there a number of Chinese manufacturers now planning to move thier factories to the USA. They see the USA as a "low wage" country and as regulations removed a soon to be polluters paradise.


Add in a new Justice on the Supreme Court and, as I've stated before, a divided progressive community will face a similar situation to what they faced in the 1920s when state-based labor and safety laws all got scrapped.


I have to say that the model of your own Supreme Court when compared to Canada's just seems so very different. Both appear to have the same structure and here in Canada they often talk about a given Party appointing what are seen as Conservative or Liberal judges but I just do not see the same amount of partisanship that happens in the USA.

IE even with a majority of Conservatives judges they can rule against a Conservative backed policy 9-0.

They are forced into retirment at 75 so that might play a role and the selection rocess not quite the same but it just seems that while Canadians are cognizant of the fact a given Government will get to appoint a Justice to the Supreme Court, it does not have the same level of urgency as it seems to have in the USA.


This country is a sad affair.

Arizona "That phase would raise the wages for more than 700,000 workers from $8.05 to $10.00 an hour."

OK, in 1983 I made $8.** an hour at a packaging/mailing company. Start today doing the same thing I did, unloading trucks, it starts at $8.00 an hour.

We have been sucked dry by the vampire squid 1%.


I remember some time back there was a company based in the USA that went bankrupt.

It also had a Canadian subsidiary which was a unionized company. The Canadian subsidiary was profitable and did not declare bankruptcy.

After restructuring in the US most employers lost their pensions and a great number laid off. Those hired back saw their wages cut to just above minimum wage even as on the Canadian side the union's remained and the same wages paid throughout.

The worker in the USA is being conned big time and I am sure the Corporations will export this to other Countries under the guise of providing a return to the investor class.


GM moved production to Ontario because then they wouldn't have to pay for health care for their workers. We US knuckleheads don't get that universal health care is good for business.