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Election Meddling: Bad if Done to USA, Bad to Complain About if Done by USA


Election Meddling: Bad if Done to USA, Bad to Complain About if Done by USA

Adam Johnson

The Washington Post (8/10/16) published what has to be one of the most naked examples of projection ever displayed by a major American paper.


I'm hoping for international observers to monitor our elections.


... Should have started with the primaries, however. At this point, the FIXES are in.


Projection is right. This country is so guilty, if the history books ever record the truth of it, it would take volumes.
But Putin did it! He's so horrible. We have been lining up defense shields all along their border since Bush and maybe before, but Putin is aggressive because he has responded by moving military equipment and soldiers to close to his border. If it had been the U.S. we would have bombed the hell out of them already. But it is those Russians that hacked the DNC, who knows but it had to be Putin. Forgetting the U.S. sent malware to screw up Iran's nuclear program. But oh well.
Projection is a tactic abusers use all the time. It is so immature and transparent it becomes comical.


Get some Cubans in to do it. They are numerate and have lots of experience running local elections at home. Just DON"T get Canadians....when we sent our guys in to "monitor" the Ukrainian elections, many of them came off the planes already bedecked in orange scarves.


The tactic of blaming Putin personally for everything and anything seems to be backfiring. Instead of Stalin reincarnated, he's coming off as a bit of a badass.


"...the US (Government) has been involved in meddling and coups for over a century."

Especially in the Murder of its own President in 1963.


In 1812, it was Putin and his red-coats who invaded and burnt Washington.


A mighty massive mote