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Election Season is Here. Are You Ready to Vote?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/14/election-season-here-are-you-ready-vote

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I plan none of the above.

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I wasn’t going to, but just found out we have a ballot initiative here for medical marijuana. It has 80% support in the last poll, hate your not still here to help with that. Of course the state legislature didn’t like that, so they wrote their own on the ballot to try to confuse the voters, and get them to vote against it. Nothings changed here since you left.
Hope everything is well with you Tom. Haven’t seen many posts from you lately, I was hoping that wasn’t a bad sign.

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Election season is when the nation-state measures how much control it has over the general population.

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that’s a good cause. i’ve also made an exception for ballot initiatives and bond issues the community needs. my “strike” is directed at politicians specifically.

thoughts are with you guys tonight. i figure the pascagoula’s gonna get a bit feisty if it isn’t already.

be well, friend. :))

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Yeah, this dam thing keeps moving east, and jumping back and forth from a cat 1 to a cat 2. earlier today the track went right over my house, but now landfall is MS.- AL. line, so it will be closer to Mobile than me as it comes inland, and we’ll catch the easer side of the storm. Still going to suck though, they always do
I’ll most likely be off-line for awhile, no telling how long the power will be out.
You take care too.

Molly, I know you’re doing your job and it’s important to motivate people to take part in their governance.

Yet after 4 decades-plus of doing my civic duty in this regard, most of it dutifully holding my nose to accept the lesser-evil persuasion; and despite having myself been a volunteer, recruiter, mentor, organizer of candidates and their campaigns (and even a candidate myself- a D where D’s were only 28% of the registered voters) , and seeing where we are now collectively at - with the worst possible human possible as President, a corporate-controlled duopoly that at best is good-cop/bad-cop theater, the planetary climate system unraveling and mass extinction proceeding apace while most of the US capital is drained by imperial objectives around the globe on behalf of corporations, I balk. It’s my well-seasoned conclusion that aside from a few wins here and there on citizen initiatives or referenda, most of my nose-holding only enabled much of the current situation to develop.

I also conclude that the electoral system itself is so broken as to make elections now almost meaningless in terms of changing the trajectory of the existential threats that are now condition-red emergencies. I now believe that only a massive, coordinated, strategic grassroots movement - or aligned series of them - can force the changes needed in the time we have left to do anything to head off cataclysm.

ACLU could have helped in this regard but IMO screwed up very badly when it sided with corporate interests (actually, ostensibly on the behalf of unions) when it argued that money in elections was worthy of “free speech” protections. Bad move.

But if I’m right about the need for mass movements, ACLU will still have an important role to play in terms of preserving democracy, for the establishment powers will desperately want to crush them and will use every tool to do so… and the Courts - even if now severely infected by Trumpian and other corporatist proxies - will remain necessary to defend those movements from the worst of the repression.

So keep at it, keep your principles and your eyes open!

We shouldn’t have voting, we should have parties switch every 4 years and then another political party gets to be in power.

That way everyone gets a chance to see what it is like running an entire political navigation system. Let’s face it, the rigging, caging, faulty machines, polls closing with chains on the door will continue


The woman who wrote this sounds more than a little naive about her subject matter, at least thus it would
appear in terms of the general election in Pa. Mail-ins seemed to work for the primary - albeit by the
time of Pa’s rescheduled primary, the DNC had long since played its games and Bernie, still on the ballot,
had already ‘suspended’. But it appears that when the DNC failed to get the Green Party off the ballot,
albeit only permitting Hawkins to appear, the DNC (this past Thursday evening I think - same day as the
decision) the DNC had their Pet for Allowance of Appeal already in the hopper and filed it more or less
immediately. I suppose the argument has to be pretty much the same tactic used in Wisconsin. Regardless of whether the Pa.Supr.Ct. allows an immediate appeal (surely most likely) - or doesn’t -
it is nothing more than an attempt by the DNC to make it impossible to print a ballot for the general,
as supposedly ‘we don’t know for sure’ until we see if the Sup.Ct. looks at it and if so, what they say.

I’m hoping there is no possibility that the Pa.Sup.Ct. will behave as the Wisconsin Sup.Ct. as basically
say 'too bad, GP, you were correct that you’re eligible but sad to say its just close to the election, some
ballots have already gone out (extremely likely untrue), etc., so given that only a limited number vendors
can do ballots because they have to be ‘read’ by the machines…and therefore even though your legal
position is correct, even though it is not the GP’s ‘fault’ that we had this delay, and even though if things had been different I know there would have been some folks who probably would have voted for you, its just too close now to the election to do this with the mail-in voting option.

Thus far, no ballots have been sent out by our local elections office as the DNC is insisting their appeal
leaves everything up in the air - albeit that there was a decision and it was against them - everything is
in a holding pattern. Depending on when that Court acts it could obviously be very close to the election
date, with the spectre of finding a vendor who could do the printing correctly, to have it done, then to
process all the applications for a ballot, send out the ballots, which then must be completed and
returned. I’m told by our local officials that there is also some kind of challenge in PA to drop boxes, and depending on how that comes out, US mail becomes the only option left.

It seems IMO to have every potential for becoming a complete nightmare, certainly for Pa. and Wisconsin
and the Green Party. When DT first starting ranting about how unsafe mail-in voting would be and how
certain it was that the Dems would ‘cheat’, it just sounded like his daily selection from his ‘rant’ book.
But to be candid I now kind of wonder if the word was out in some DC ‘pipeline’ that the Dems were
planning to eliminate the GP as an option to voting for Biden. [Whatever else may be, I wonder what has been going on generally in Wisconsin. Do they even make cheese anymore. Someone seems to have lost control there.]

Anyway, whoever wrote this CD article seems to be encouraging the use of mail-in
ballots. Seems unaware of the situations facing voters and the GP in Pa., Wisconsin and probably some
other states as well.

PS: Not sure if anyone saw some fleeting coverage relative to Harris reference in a meeting, to
the upcoming “Harris administration”, then had to walk things back by adding ‘of course Joseph Biden would be President.’ One of comments analogized it to the Dems enforced switch from H. Wallace to H Truman as FDR slowly faded away and foreclosed a run for a third term, which must have been a
possibility at that time.