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Election Security Experts Warn of Voter Intimidation as 'Trump Train' Caravans Plan to Pass Through Polling Sites

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/03/election-security-experts-warn-voter-intimidation-trump-train-caravans-plan-pass


Been seeing lots of this where im at for the past couple of weeks. They’re really fond of revving their engine aggressively when they see me & leaving black skid marks on the street as they drive off.
i guess that’s supposed to scare me into not voting 🤷
Best wishes to all, hope you all fight the good fight to the absolute best of your abilities.


They might do this all year long. But anyone at the voting places already know who they are voting for.
Boys will be boys, until they grow up.

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Your comment reminded me of Grand Master Flash song: “don’t push me to the edge”. One of my favourites.


Perfect timing, when a majority of DimWit-Rat voters have presumably already voted either early or by mail, he can intimidate an audience of mostly 'Poop-Lickens — or at least educate several of them as to just how UN-American Tweetle-Dumb’s most ardent supporters actually are.

Hard to disagree with that, IMHO — except that Tweetle-Dumb is even worse.  Much, much worse.

SFAIK, campaigning – even a peaceful “last minute appeal to voters” – is illegal near voting sites (though the distance may vary) in nearly every city, county and state in our entire country.  Voter intimidation anywhere near a polling place is definitely illegal, but with the DOJ hogtied by Tweetle-Dumb’s lackey Barr-Barr it is unclear how effective state and local efforts to enforce the law will be.


“…it is unclear how effective state and local efforts to enforce the law will be.”

Shouldn’t be hard at all, the laws have been on the “books” for a long time, all that’s needed is willingness to enforce them. I’m pretty sure if I showed up at my polling place smoking weed, I’d be arrested in a heartbeat. Pressure needs to be applied to all law enforcement to do their dam jobs with these Nazi want-a-bees.


^^^Came here to say this.

Where are the police? “There’s nobody that can stop us.” My ass.

Jeanine Pirro should be arrested for incitement to riot.


It’s a lack of willingness – especially in cities, counties and states controlled by 'Poop-Lickens – that I’m worried about.

So should Donald J. Trump.   And the rest of the Drümpf-Kushner Kriminal Syndikat.   OOooops, I forgot – Tweetle-Dumb is a sitting POTUS – so lock up all the rest of them, anyway.


We had our truck messed with and our Biden signs stolen. It just made me angry. Now we have 3 4 X8 signs,two dozen yard signs and 4 flags. I got tired of their shining in my windows and hooting and hollering so I called my cousin at the State police. He told me that I had more rights and options than I thought.
He said I had to post signs warning about trespassing then I could let the hounds of hell loose, literally. LOL It only took one time letting the hounds loose and they’ve left us alone.
We voted by mail because we figured the ammosexuals would be running around stroking their guns and our 90+ year-old neighbors have had issues with them so we’re sticking close to their place for a few days.


So black and brown people driving through white neighborhoods get pulled over for no reason, arrested for petty crimes, and even shot. White, heavily armed, KKK, yahoos can drive through black neighborhoods unimpeded by the police since they are “just exercising their 1st amendment rights.” Seems like some pretty selective law enforcement.


A demolition of democracy derby


Fox News host Jeanine Pirro [heaped] more praise on the pro-Trump convoys’ dangerous and disruptive stunt in Texas, describing it as “ordinary Americans just taking this election into their own hands.”

Isn’t the election itself supposed to be for ordinary Americans to have their say?

Recon…: The problem with expecting cops to clean up this terrorism is that they have quite a few terrorists within their own group.

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Oh I realize that, and the reason I used the term “pressure” in my above post. They won’t do it willingly. With a functioning DOJ this would be easy, with Barr’s tainted DOJ it will require said pressure from all of us.