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Election Theft and the Reluctant Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/06/election-theft-and-reluctant-democracy


A great primer for what has and is happening in the election/power system. One harder hitting piece from a clear eyed expert. And I say one of your better pieces too. Thank you for laying out the issues, problems, hurdles, needs, demands, and solution.


I just read the comment section for this same article over on Rawstory (you know, the DNC sycophants website)
Anyway, the comment section has predictably filled with accusations that the writer is some sort of pro Trump closeted commie. Biden or bust!
We could still lose this thing.

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I’m not seeing anyone calling for a PERMANENT VOTER I.D. CARD for ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS that can NEVER be rescended except on death!!!

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Shut up already and offer real, tangible solutions.

“…But the photo ID issued by the state to its 182,000 University of Wisconsin students did not qualify them for voting nor for registration…”

A photo ID issued by the State…to 182,000 students… at U of Wisconsin… & it was NOT accepted as valid state-issued photo ID, for purposes of voting?? How can that be?
It is official photo ID.
It’s issued by the State.
Gun license IS accepted.
Students of U of Wisconsin are IN State of WI for higher education. We can only hope that they will turn out smarter & more honest than the officials currently running the State of WI(!!)

Great idea! We need to pursue that if Biden gets into WH. (If Trump cheats his way in again, no need for one cuz’ democracy & elections will be over & done anyway.)