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'Elections Are Sacred': Democrats Demand Postmaster General Reverse Policies Threatening Mail-In Ballot Delivery

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/06/elections-are-sacred-democrats-demand-postmaster-general-reverse-policies

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‘Elections Are Sacred’ says the Democrats? Is that why Bernie is NOT on
the ballot to defeat Trump?


Telling this Trump toady that elections are sacred is going to do about as much good as using a thimbal to bail the pacific ocean.


It works that way for the Joseph Stalin left as well. In fact, history has an example of Joseph Stalin and fascist Adolf Hitler cooperating together quite well against Poland. It is probably safe to say that Democrats and Republicans can do the same in an election, though it may appear that this is all really about keeping Trump in power.

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Are you really so deluded you are somehow comparing Stalin with either the progressive left or the Democrats?
Please… buy a brain cell and have a long conversation with yourself about your intellectual heft rigor…

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Try to think objectively.

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Try it yourself but first learn some history from sources other than the corporate right.

This is really stupid. You didn’t know that Stalin and Hitler worked together to invade Poland?

Yes, one certainly should, such as the late writer Gore Vidal who correctly pointed out that there is very little substantial difference between the two major corporate political parties [and especially when it comes to foreign policy]. As Vidal noted, the Democrats and the Republicans both belong to one party and that would be the Property Party. Both parties certainly have no intention of wanting the American people to hear from someone who does not belong to either the GOP or the Savage Mules since the Commission on Presidential Debates, which just so happens to be composed of former Democrats and Republicans, have made sure that no third party candidate will ever share the same stage with a representative of the Republican and Democratic Party. A case in point is what happened in 2000 when that commission made sure that Ralph Nader was never going to be allowed to critique Gore and Bush. It should also be pointed out that the Democrats did everything they could to make sure that Nader’s name was not going to appear on most of the state’s ballots during that presidential election which prompted investigative journalist James Ridgeway to state in the excellent documentary An Unreasonable Man that the Democrats were the meanest bunch of motherf…s he had ever seen.


General Presidential elections, are anti-democratic charades. In addition to the fact that the notion of electing delegates, is a sham, in most states, there are winner take all rules that mean that, except for the “swing” states, the Presidential vote has already been decided. Many progressives live in states that have Zero chance of having any electoral votes go to Trump. With all due respect to Noam Chomsky, in such states, progressives who vote for Biden are throwing away their votes.

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But progressives have to be foolish to vote for a warmonger and corporate tool like Biden. A candidate has to earn the vote of the voter and if he or she fails to do that then logically a progressive should not vote for that unqualified individual.

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This may be an example of how the trump people are going to screw with mail in ballots: I ordered a face mask and I’ve tracked it. The savannah river divides my town with a distribution center where it has been sitting for eight days. It’s a five minute drive from my house. Translate that to millions of votes. He’s right about fraudulent mail in voting. He has rigged it in his favor. Be aware.

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Democrats demand he reverse policies, hell, he’s a damn traitor aiding another in fixing an election.

Let’s get a rope.

And tie him up like a “Pinata.”

For the past quarter century I have received my annual registration form for my old pickup truck three to four weeks prior to due date. Last month I received it three days AFTER due date. The local vehicle registration office said late mail has been the rule, not the exception for the past two months and I don’t live in a swing state.

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" Elections Are Sacred’: Democrats Demand Postmaster General Reverse Policies Threatening Mail-In Ballot Delivery"

The Democrats are hardly a well functioning democracy internally and do tons to suppress the vote in their own party. They are also horribly corrupt, defy their own base on a wide range of issues (which seems antithetical to democracy) and do things like support authoritarian puppets, the most recent examples being Guaido and the nut coup leaders in Bolivia (could give a longer list). Chris Murphy was just on Twitter bemoaning the fact that the coup in Venezuela was not handled well. He didn’t object to an undemocratic coup, a person with no popular backing just declaring himself president with the help of a foreign power. No, Trump just wasn’t a competent imperialist, and this is far from an outlier among those in his party.

So, spare me this party saying this. Worthy thing to fight for, and Trump’s actions are very troubling, but this party isn’t in a position to be the one delivering the message.


This is not a good omen.

So very true! The reason Trump and his fellow cabal of Republican, criminals are demonizing and obstructing mail in ballots is because it makes it more difficult for them to manipulate and cheat in the upcoming election.

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‘Elections Are Sacred’:

Not! You mean to tell me that we have a choice to vote for either a Mafia Don or a WAR MONGERING, Wall Street Stooge…is sacred! The late George Carlin said it best: " IF ELECTIONS MATTERED; THEY WOULD BE ILLEGAL".

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Yes, to me that statement is the epitome of hypocrisy.

Well said indeed. This is my problem, as it probably is problematic for most Sanders independents, with the probable change of executive this election season: