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Elections Don’t Make Israel a Democracy


Elections Don’t Make Israel a Democracy

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It’s official, Israel is racing towards early elections. But no one is talking about who can vote in them.


Based on my observations of US elections during the past half century, elections don’t make the US “a democracy”.


I don’t know of any country where people who are not citizens of the country are allowed to vote. In the US undocumented immigrants cannot vote. But even for Israeli citizens who can vote Israel has become less democratic under the right wing Likud government than it once was.


No ethno/religous state like Apartheid Israel, nor single-ideology or single-party state (like the Duopoly USA) or any state that excludes any of its citizens from full participation in all facets of life can be a democracy. Voting in these situations is merely a means to varnish the illegitimate status quo.



Did anyone read this excellent article, which details how Israeli democracy is skewed? Among other purposes, I’m going to send it to my Member of Congress, who responded to my recent request to block the anti-BDS bills with the tired claim that Israel is indeed a democracy.

For my own awakening to the depths of the problem, however, this was the most important point:

Netanyahu is now Israel’s prime minister, defence minister, and foreign minister

I hear Jared Kushner’s whisper in djt’s ear, teaching this monarchical model, and neglecting that Bibi, while evil, is at least better equipped to fill these roles. Do not djt’s railings against Democrats attempt to make them an ethnicity that can be cleansed?


Thanks for this article CD. The American people have no idea how corrupt and racist apartheid Israel is because the mainstream neoliberal media (such as the Boston Globe which recently denounced the removal of American troops from Syrian proxy war in an obnoxious editorial) never reports the crimes the Israeli Jews do against the Palestinian population. The American press (for some strange reason) has defined all Palestinians as “potential” terrorists and Israel as our “special” allies.


Totally agree. Just look at the last Presidential one. We had a choice of not the “lesser of two evils”, it was between really fucking awful and completely, totally disastrous. Guess which one “we” chose?


Of course the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza do vote. In the West Bank they voted for Fatah and in Gaza they voted for Hamas who subsequently drove Fatah out of Gaze using military force. Of course Fatah and Hamas have only limited power but they do have the power to negotiate a peace settlement with Israel. But he situation is very complicated because Israel will not negotiate with Hamas and also Fatah will not negotiate with Israel as long as it keeps building settlements. Obama tried to get Israel to stop building settlements and failed. Right now there doesn’t seem to be any pathway to a peace settlement and it would appear that prospects of a settlement are deteriorating.


Israel never has and never will negotiate a “settlement”. Gaza and the West Bank are essentially prisons similar to the Warsaw ghetto of world war two. The Palestinians can’t even leave the country for a free life. It’s not that complicated but it is immoral.


Every time Israel offers to end the occupation, the Palestinians say “No!”

Even Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia (certainly not a Zionist) said that Arafat’s refusal to accept the January 2001 offer was a crime. Thousands of people would die because of Arafat’s decision & not one of those deaths could be justified.

As Bill Clinton later wrote in his memoir:

It was historic: an Israeli government had said that to get peace, there would be a Palestinian state in roughly 97 percent of the West Bank, counting the [land] swap, and all of Gaza, where Israel also had settlements. The ball was in Arafat’s court.

But Arafat would not, or could not, bring an end to the conflict. “I still didn’t believe Arafat would make such a colossal mistake,” Clinton wrote. “The deal was so good I couldn’t believe anyone would be foolish enough to let it go.” But the moment slipped away. “Arafat never said no; he just couldn’t bring himself to say yes.”


Apartheid in Israel???

Where are the separate bath rooms & water fountains?

Why are there Arabs in the Israeli Parliament & on the Israeli Supreme Court?

Israel has no established religion.

The Palestinian Constitution establishes Islam as the only “official religion” and requires that “the principles of Islamic Sharia shall be the main source of legislation.” Moreover, it establishes Arabic as the sole “official language” of Palestine.


BDS is similar to racism in treating people as members of a group instead of treating people as individuals. BDS says: “I don’t care if you are good or bad, innocent or guilty. If you’re Israeli, I’m going to hurt you.”


If they did constitute a democracy then we would have one too.


Let the people think they govern and they will be governed. William Penn


Thank you for your fact-based comment. I think it is also noteworthy - since the topic of “democracy” is being discussed - that Hamas in Gaza never allowed another vote since they were first elected. Elections in the West Bank seem to be quite infrequent.


BDS is not about people, but businesses. And not the topic here.


Israel is stolen land.



If a company goes out of business, the owners & the employers have no money. Owners & employees are people. Deciding to BDS, is deciding to hurt people & making no effort to distinguish between the guilty & the innocent.


No one would have been killed, displaced or lost any land if racist Palestinians had not tried to exterminate the Jews.

The day after the UN Partition Resolution in November 1947, racist Palestinians started a genocidal war to exterminate the Jews. Haj Amin el-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem – “I declare a holy war, my Muslim brothers! Murder the Jews! Murder them all!”

The war started with Palestinians attacking a Jewish bus driving on the Coastal Plain near Kfar Sirkin killing five and wounding others. Half an hour later they ambushed a second bus from Hadera, killing two more. Arab snipers attacked Jewish buses in Jerusalem and Haifa.

Wars create refugees!


That old lie again. Read the truth people. https://fair.org/extra/the-myth-of-the-generous-offer/