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Electoral College Revolt Growing Into 'Powerful Show of Force'


Electoral College Revolt Growing Into 'Powerful Show of Force'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With the Electoral College vote less than a week away, Harvard University constitutional law professor Lawrence Lessig says 20 Republican members are considering voting against Donald Trump—more than half the number needed to potentially block the real estate mogul's election.


Listening to Palast yesterday on Democracy Now; there's more than enough reasonable suspicion to demand the election be investigated by an Independent Commission of concern citizens. Selected by a lottery from 50 Congressional Districts, 25 Republican and 25 Democratic. The illegal suppression of voters' votes is a crime. And, should be prosecuted; Operation CrossCheck was a collusion and criminal ( across state lines is federal, too ). No doubt about it.


You can certainly make an argument that Trump's victory does not represent the will of the people. Losing the popular vote by almost 3 million votes is unheard for the winner of the electoral college. Voter suppression by the Republicans certainly played a role. And the almost certain interference in the election by the Russians and the clear interference by Wikileaks must be factored in. As a whole the American voters were not pleased about Hillary Clinton being the candidate of the Democratic Party but they preferred her to Donald Trump. Rather than compromising Trumps always seeks vengeance against his opponents so he going as far right as he can. That is where we are now as he is finding people to appoint who represent everything despised that those left of center. Trump is a nasty human being who is mentally unfit to be president.


We should have the presidential candidates each field a football team and have them play a game complete with all the cameras so that instant replay can show everybody the details of the official rulings. This would be a lot more interesting than what we are going through now. Imperial Rome almost got it right when the put for Christians ( New Orlean's Saints) in with the ( Detroit) lions.


Trump "postponed" his press-conference "explanation" how exactly he will divest his holdings and end conflicts of interest - putting it off until after confirmation - that alone should cause extreme suspicion! He still refuses to release his tax-returns (citing rubbish reasons) that may reveal overt lies, criminal, greed-driven acts or omissions, and/or unknown manipulations, conflicts,crimes, and hidden holdings!

He takes a "victory" lap of pure ego/narcissist propaganda BS to muddy the waters and rouse his "base" - to sow more division and hatred in America. WHY NOT refuse to confirm his all too-clear extremism, evasions, and one-note Cabinet choices?!




As much as I hate Trump, I think realistically that there is no way that it is possible to flip 38 committed republican electors to not vote for him next week. It's never happened as a rump effort. The Hayes/Tilden deal was just that, a deal made at the top to give the electoral vote to Hayes, who lost the popular vote, while the electoral vote was murky, in exchange to ending Reconstruction and allowing the South to once again repress former slaves and their descendants for another 80 years with Jim Crow. Electors are largely insiders to the campaign and the party, so they are already inclined to vote for the Party's nominee. The most productive use of time, energy and money at this point is gearing up to take Congress and the Presidency away from them in 2018 and 2020.


An "Independent Commission of concerned citizens" is laughable. Who would select and appoint the members of such a commission? What authority would it have? The election happened. There's no "getting over it", but there's also no going back. Those whose greatest desire was to see Clinton lose won.


You may be the worst representative of Canada since that drug addicted mayor.


This election is the perfect use of the "Founding Fathers'" elite idea of the electoral college - The Republican candidate is a demagog swept into power by the skillful manipulation of malevolent mass emotions.
What's the electoral college for if not for this - if it is any use at all?


He lost by more than that when you factor in those who stayed home and those who voted for Johnson and Stein. In fact the majority of the nation did not, does not want him.

My critique of democracy--and we do not have that here despite Don's rhetoric because, in fact we have a plutocracy--is that democracy that has an ill informed/educated public will give rise to the lowest common denominator. Let's recall that in Athens, Greece, the birthplace of democracy the state put Socrates--as wise a man you would ever know-- to death.


Go away Trump lover. As Lessig said, if not now, when? Should of been done in 2000. 59 precincts in Detroit had broken machines. ... It's a crime!


"helping to blunt his claim of a 'mandate' and harden the spine of Democrats to fight."

Why do we keep saying that Democrats lack the spine to fight when having spine depends on who gives them the biggest bribes?

If libs and progressives gave Dems bigger bribes than Wall Street does, their "spine" to fight for us would immediately harden. Its been shown that the majority of people may call themselves conservatives, but most of their agenda is progressive. However, perhaps with the rare exception of Bernie's candidacy, libs and progressives don't have the bribe money or staying power of Wall Street banks and corporations.

So how about we stop saying that Democrats lack "spine" and say that what they lack is our bribes. We can't change the best government money can buy until we get the money and revolving doors out of politics. Don't hold your breath waiting for politicians to do it.

Direct Online Democracy


This is quite a statement to digest ! Perhaps you have not seen popular Russian teeshirts with nuclear capable rockets? Is it very peaceful? Who is the illusive "west" ? What are the Russian affairs ? Attacking neighbors?


Democratic opposition not capitulation.
Will leaders actually stand up for a change and challenge the system of denial and corruption?
Stay tuned!


This was a Jim Crow election and every civil rights group should be challenging the vote counts!!

It seems that while the Democrats were stacking the decks against Bernie, the Republicans were busy stacking the decks against the Dems. The American public should be disgusted with our electoral system and two main political parties.


Says the Hillary Hater. Back on the bottle Mrs Hitts?


I think I get it.
Trump IS the Bait and Switch.
Act like an ass.
Appoint the Cabinet from Hell.
Refuse to Divest, etc.
So that then we can be GRATEFUL for Hillary, after the Electors quote Hamilton and SWITCH?


By not standing up for GORE in 2000 and accepting the bogus call of the GOP-dominated SCOTUS to stop the count in Fla. that year we basically sent a message to the GOP that we are NOT prepared to fight them based on principle. Nothing has changed since them. The Dems. have surrendered and compromised or just caved to these thugs over and over and over again and now Trumpf. whose surprised? My guess is that he will get into office and things will just spiral down from there.


You have to weigh world peace against moving backward with respect to global warming. Global warming is a certainty, war with Russia is not. If we don't address global warming then nothing else will matter in the long run.