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Electoral College 'Uprising' Marks New Phase for Anti-Trump Resistance


Electoral College 'Uprising' Marks New Phase for Anti-Trump Resistance

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Monday saw President-elect Donald Trump secure victory in the Electoral College, while also marking the beginning of the next phase of resistance to his #NotNormal administration.

Trump easily surpassed the 270-vote threshold needed to defeat Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, winning 304 electoral votes with just two Republican electors breaking ranks to give Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Rep. Ron Paul one vote each.


I think that the "foreign government" that the article is referring to is the CIA. But they really should have said "secret government".


Overcoming apathy is a must for defending democracy against Trump and his hoards of anti-intellectual followers. Sounds like things are off to a good start for the anti-Trump side.


This is what they said about W. Bush, too. A "four-year lame duck" they said. Then 9/11 happened and Bush became the "indispensable POTUS" and the House was handed to the Republicans along with most state legislatures. Then Obama came along with his broken promises and we ended up with an even greater Republican insurgency and a Gerrymandered House that's all but immune to a Democratic takeover no matter which way the political wind is blowing.

JUST STOP looking to the Democrats to save us. Not one of them is willing to risk their money or their corporate ties to Wall Street.

The hope that the Electoral College would somehow "vote their conscious" was a pipe dream meant to distract and discourage. If you look closely at the Electors who broke ranks, you'll see that all of them were those who had nothing to lose. The rest of them still have political or corporate careers to protect, so why would they even think about breaking ranks? Would YOU risk a career that took you 30+ years to build to fight a battle you know you're going to lose?


Interesting that more Democratic electors (four in Washington, one in Minnesota) refused to vote for Hillary than Republican electors refused to vote for Trump.


" Just stop looking to Democrats to save us."

The Democrats are with very few exceptions, the corrupt,controlled, opposition that has been able to fool so many people for far too long.

The only thing they care about saving; is their faithless, deceitful, corporate, careers.


Sorry but anyone who thinks that these protests will "embolden" Democrats to be more "courageous" should have their heads examined, or at least take a look at recent history. Did the massive, historic, unpredecented protests during the Bush years give Dems courage to stand up against the Iraq war, against the Patriot Act, against Guantanamo, against anything? For that matter, did Occupy Wall Street give Democrats the courage to stand up against Goldman Sachs?

No, they're not going to stand up, they're not going to grow a spine. What's going to happen is going to be capitulation and compromise, because that's all Democrats know how to do. That, and collect their checks from Wall Street, undermine and hobble genuine progressives, and redbait those who might not think that nuclear war with Russia is such a great idea. We're doomed.


And there will be no democracy as long as we have a capitalist economic system which is the natural ally of plutocracy.


Protests that obstruct the actual attempt to impose the agenda of the will of 26% of the people is o.k. but more importantly is organizing a true left coalition. If the protests can lead to total non cooperation that will be helpful.


That claim of interference by "a foreign government" is a red herring.
It has never been proven and probably never happened.
Best proof, that it never happened is that the CIA said it did. They have to my recollection never once said anything which was true.


Where do you draw the line for "capitalism"?
The definition of capitalism is living of the proceeds of accrued capital.
• If you have a savings account, you are a capitalist
• If you are member of a union, you are a capitalist
• If you receive a pension, you are a capitalist
• If you pay into a pension plan, you are a capitalist

No society, including the former Soviet Union has ever succeeded to make I without some form of capitalism.
So let us not pour out the baby with the bath water and settle for socialism, while fighting against hyper capitalism, thank you.


I tell you what — I am getting SICK already of these attacks and threats on Trump and those on Russia for supposedly having helped him win.

America is being Led ... to MISS the Main Point!

All it MEANS is that the RIGGED GAME and its consequent expectations CONTINUE to REIGN supreme over our minds!

HELL! SURE Trump needs to be resisted. Sure he needs to be watched.

BUT ... the REAL VILLAIN of this year ... is our immoral Democratic Party willing to do whatever its Money-Leaders say ... and the Fools who unquestioningly accept this! A SEVERE CRIME was committed this Election ... by Democrats and NO ONE is talking about THAT:

•1- By throwing ALL of their resources behind the PRE-decided Establishment Favorite, Hillary Clinton, WITHOUT seriously courting any of the Votes or Interests of the Millenials and Independents who filled Sanders' Ranks, they faced Trump with the least reliable voting force, almost ENSURING a Trump Victory when it should have been a rout!

•2- They Distorted and Lied and Cheated during the Primary, effectively STEALING the votes from the clear favorite of a historic progressive majority of people who supported Bernie who would have trounced Trump, likely with double digits!

— Their "Leadership" should not be ... REPLACED, ... it should be PUT ON TRIAL!


– They BETRAYED the Majority of Americans.
– It was NOT REPUBLICANS (theirs are yet to come), NOR the RUSSIANS.


Progressive protests will embolden the Democratic Party? Perhaps a little. That would be the carrot...

...But I think the carrot will do little to change Democrats without the stick - declared withdrawal of progressive support unless the ruling center right Democrats enter into binding negotiation with progressives.

In the 1930s, Democrats moved left not because they thought progressives 'had their backs,' but because they feared a mass shift to the left beyond the confines of the Democratic Party if they did not move left themselves.

The Democrats are in power, and won't give it up to their left flank unless they are forced to.


I'm a minority from Minnesota, I voted for Jill because as a left leaning state, we're special. Still, I have some perspective. Back in 2000, we got disgusted with the "it's his/her turn" and elected Jesse Ventura. Trump is Jesse on steroids.

Based on our experience, here's what I predict. Trump will stomp on all kinds of special interests to the cheers of those who oppose them, but sooner or later he will stomp on EVERYONE'S interests. Then the Rubes will start scratching their heads and wondering aloud, "This isn't what I voted for!" By then it will be too late. Since the Repukes will have used the "credit card" by then to run up un-for-seen massive deficits, the Dems will take over AND take the blame for raising taxes to pay the whole shitload off.

So it goes. And then the Dems will elect another placeholder President so the Repukes can pilfer the Treasury once again.

By then, I'll be dead with NO progress what so ever. Sad but true.


Uprising? Please! How many had the spine or character to do anything but stick with the party- above the constitution and the country?
This is a tempest in a tea pot... unfortunately.


Funny part is that only two republicans voted against Trump but 5 dem electors voted against Hillary.


Anything to bring truly representative democracy to the US would be welcome. Doing away with Electoral College is a small step but not worth much without also getting rid of the current 'first past the post' voting system.
The most alarming thing about this article though is it's quoting as fact without challenge "the extraordinary interference by a foreign government in this election". This meme is being drummed into us at a low level, slipped into various articles and headlines as a given even here on CD - despite the fact that the courier between the source and wikileaks has gone on record stating that the Podesta emails were leaked - not hacked - by an american pissed about the DNC's interference in the nomination process to clear the way for Clinton over Sanders.
Is no one else here alarmed by this? Do you not see the danger in this steady propaganda against Russia? Is it OK with you that a long trusted news aggregator is playing along with this game?


People are strange... Jim Morrison.


Countries with the highest well-being scores in the world are democratic socialist countries that blend capitalism with socialism. In our current world that seems to producing the best outcomes. So Socialism isn't bad nor is capitalism bad in and of itself. It appears that for now, a blend of both serves people and their countries the best of any other forms of political economic system. On top of that here could very well be even better economic and political systems that have not been designed.


I wish that journalist and people in general would stop it with this baseless foreign intervention scare. It reminds me of the McCarthy days. When people bringing up as though it is valid, they undermine their credibility and the credibility of all the valid arguments they may have.