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Elevating Escalation Fears, Russia Warns It Will Respond to Attack on Syria by Targeting 'Sources' of US Missiles


Elevating Escalation Fears, Russia Warns It Will Respond to Attack on Syria by Targeting 'Sources' of US Missiles

Julia Conley, staff writer

As President Donald Trump warned on Twitter that U.S. missiles "will be coming" in the wake of a suspected chemical attack in the town of Douma, Syria, Russian officials warned that any military action by the U.S. and its allies would be met with an aggressive response—targeting any U.S. missiles as well as their launch sites.


Unless millions of Americans surround the White House! And soon, this looks ominous to me.


IMHO, since the root source of any attack on Syria will be the Wackos in the White House, targeting 1600 Transylvania Avenue is a GREAT idea!!


Time to add a second hand to Doomsday Clock.


The 4 riders of the apocalypse: Bolton, Pompeo, Haley, Trump.

Yeah, well, what good are nukes if you never use em?


Scarier and scarier.


You summed it up very well, UncleFester…:wink:


In this most perverse political climate, surely Trump would view such a crowd as merely another audience for, in his sick mind, another ‘reality show’ episode.


All together now: Boom goes London, boom Paree, more room for you and more room for me. They all hate us anyhow, let’s drop the big one, NOW.

Perhaps it’s time to alert Trump about how his businesses would suffer as a result of being turned to ash, and that his approval rating might drop to 39% in the last poll ever taken.


Time to wag the dog.


It’s more than Trump, if we remove him we still have the people behind this - Israel and Saudi Arabia and our bought out politicians.


… and worse … Mike Give Me Armageddon Now Pence waiting to take his place.


We know that just before World War I, the world was busy setting up complicated and entangling alliances. France had no particular intention of fighting Germany. Unfortunately, one person in one country that no longer exists, Gavrilo Princip for you trivia buffs, offended a nearby empire that no longer exists, and then most of that generation of young men were killed off.

Both Russia and the United States of America have thousands of uranium, plutonium and/or hydrogen bombs, enough to commit mass genocide in one hour if they both feel like they’re pushed far enough.


Once again, innocent, peace-loving people in all the various countries involved are being dragged into war nobody wants. It’s only the leaders and war profiteers who will answer for this. Only lunatics would actually advocate for war in today’s nuclear armed world. Even without nukes, wasn’t two world wars enough? How short the memories of many must be to risk a third. Will they ever learn?


America hasn’t felt the actual sting of war on the homeland since Jesus abandoned the slave holders. It’s time.

Mutiny on The Mothership
Let’s get it on!


Add the US media and a long list of “liberal” hawks. I am sure that people like Maddow are really happy, her work is important as far as getting us to this point. The media is incapable of challenging these type of foreign policy decisions. I would recommend that people read what came out of the Church Committee in regards to intelligence agencies paying off journalists and I would read or watch the documentary “Manufacturing Consent” by Chomsky.


There’s a poster here who just minimizes and denies the relationship between stoking the fires of Russiagate with stoking the fires of an actual military confrontation with Russia.

Personally, I’m in a ‘see and wait’ posture on the Mueller investigation, but I’m dead set against this ‘take Putin down’ fervor that seems to inevitably accompany the finger-pointing and crocodile tears over Hillary’s loss.

Are people like Maddow unable to recognize what aiding and abetting a rush to war looks like?


Watch you don’t get banned for that comment. It seems showing any kind of balls on here gets you flagged.


I’m sure glad we have a level-headed and uncompromised POTUS, instead of that darn Hillary Clinton. A real Christian, too.
Can you say, " no fly zone and goodby Assad " or a partitioned Syria.


We’ll Meet Again?