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Eliminate Nuclear Weapons by Divesting from Them


Eliminate Nuclear Weapons by Divesting from Them

Robert Dodge

Our world and everything we care about is threatened every moment of every day by nuclear weapons, either by intent, accident, miss-calculation or cyber-attack.


I have to wonder how long it will take before people come to the conclusion, that the ‘Dream’ of eliminating nuclear weapons, like so many other unrealized cultural dreams, is outside the potential of our existing democratic framework. That is not to say there is no possible resolution to the nuclear conundrum, only that it won’t be found in or among conventional political or cultural realities. Yet for those with a mind for the unconventional, who are prepared to explore outside the cultural box, the most potent, political, Non Violent Direct Action never imagined until now has been described. One able to advance the highest ideals of human aspirations and which entrenched elites, religious institution, nor the modern corporate/national security, surveillance state can neither stop nor interfere with. And the only thing stopping anyone from investigating this NVDA further is what’s inside their heads! But for individuals able to think for themselves, more can be found at http://www.energon.org.uk