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'Elimination Tuesday'? Donald Trump Stands to Sweep Four of Five States


'Elimination Tuesday'? Donald Trump Stands to Sweep Four of Five States

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stands to cement his aura of inevitability if he does what pollsters are predicting and sweeps four of five primary contests on what some pundits are calling "Elimination Tuesday."


Rubio was definitely a classroom monitor! You can just tell. Is this high school or is there no dignity left among republicans? Okay silly question.

Rubio shows absolutely no respect for the voting process and the personal integrity of voters. He tells them to use their vote to manipulate results? Yet he doesn’t recuse himself from continuing to run? What is going on in his mind. How could anyone trust anything he does or says.

Sleazy stuff. Wow! Craven and spiteful, Rubio is a horror and a half even to his own side. The American character is better than that. The man has no shame nor respect for our institutions. Yikes

And what the hell is Cruz doing sneaking around back there? Every once in a while I turn around half expecting to see Cruz’s smiling face telling me that I will be kept under surveillance until the end of days or until It comes time for me to be cast into everlasting fire for saying dinosaurs were not ridden by cavemen back when the Earth was created 6,000 years ago and Noah was hoping to catch a nap on the hammock in the backyard but it started to rain.


Besides the republicans are desperately afraid of having only two candidates on stage tearing at each other. One is a fascist and the other is a theocratic fascist so a little comic relief is necessary and Trump uses Rubio for that. Cruz seems so quiet… Geez that guy is scary. Kasich is there simply because nobody ever heard of him and therefore he serves an important function in republican debates :innocent:


Rubio is the empty suit (ala GWB) pretty face that is the Repug. establishment choice. Kasich is the Koch holdout (after Walker and Jindahl dropped out). Cruz is the T-bag truant. And Drumpf is the narcissistic billionaire spoiler that the unhappy, gun-totin’, rabble-rousin’, beer-drinkin’, white supremacist crowd slobbers over. Sad to say that all four combined would not make even one half-wit and should any one come close to entering the Whitehouse, it will prove that our democracy is broken and the oligarchs/plutocrats/corporatists have won.

This Klown Kar exemplifies why so many people fear K-K-KLowns…


I don’t quite follow. How would a Trump presidency represent the “downfall of the Neo-Con/Neo-Liberal Empire”?


Thanks for the clarification.


The MSM has given Trump about 4 billion in free air time. What is inevitable, is that the MSM will continue to give Trump billions of of free air time. Like I have posted before, Trump plays the MSM like a fiddle!