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Elite Media Need to Recognize Assaults on Reporters as a Pattern–and a Threat


Elite Media Need to Recognize Assaults on Reporters as a Pattern–and a Threat

Janine Jackson

It is heartening at least that Montana newspapers withdrew their endorsements of Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte—who won a special election in the state on Thursday—after he grabbed Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs by the neck for trying to ask him a question, slammed him to the floor and punched him repeatedly (Fox News,


Goebbels play book for discrediting media includes assaults on media players. The GOP has been following Goebbels formula ever since Saint Ron ascended the throne with the 1996 faux news formation being their greatest single leap forward (for the GOP and 1%), or backward from the perspective of the 99%.

Evolving the strategy to attacking reporters comes as no surprise.


Reporters around the world took a hit and became a bit more vulnerable to bullying and assault in high risk situations because of incidents like this that highlight a disrespect for the press!


Much more chilling is the thought that it is only a small step from assaulting reporters to murdering them as is happening in Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, Egypt, Philippines…


“One wonders, and worries, what it will take for elite media to change their minds about that.”

Thomas Friedman sucker punched by Peter King?

(Not that he’d ever have reason to)


not for anything but this current bunch of fascist republicans makes Ronnys group look like a bunch of well demeanor elder statesman. This asshole Greg Gianforte should be doing time for assault just the rest of the 99% would be doing.


maybe the “elite media” should bear some of the blame for giving the asshole in chief so much free air time, during his campaign, he after all condoned this very behavior and called for it at his rallys . and the media ate it up , even admitting that it wasnt good for America but was sure good for ratings,… maybe they should of been less concerned about there ratings and more concerned with what was taking place, not just an assault on reporters but on truth and sanity itself…