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Elites — Not the "Ignorant Masses" — Pose the Greatest Threat to Global Society


Elites — Not the "Ignorant Masses" — Pose the Greatest Threat to Global Society

Jake Johnson

In January, at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland — largely a meeting of corporate elites and political leaders — the billionaire CEO Steve Schwarzman courteously granted an interview to Bloomberg Television.

When asked about the American political scene, Schwarzman responded just as many of his colleagues have: With utter bewilderment.



Thank you Jake Johnson. You have been a fresh breath of thought in these trying times. Look forward to reading more from you.


What makes the contempt from the upper crust so awful is the feeling that we ought to be grateful for the table scraps they throw us, that they believe and openly express that they believe we should kiss their keesters for allowing us to have anything at all.


I think the "elites" are behaving about like we would if we were in their place. The antidote to human frailty is transparency, transparency, transparency, so we always have to look at our actions through the eyes of others. Transparency is supposed to be what democracy representation is all about. We need to be better than the 1%.


Thank you, Jake Johnson, for making the case I so often make in these threads: that it's not "the sheeple" suffering from purported ignorance that are the problem; it's the policies rendered by the Powerful.

As to this:

"Until elites come to recognize the fact that the system they have cultivated — the system that has allowed them to thrive at the expense of everyone else — has helped to foster the kind of resentment they are now desperately attempting to suppress, they will continue to be the target of those whose material circumstances have become unbearable, in large part due to the global economic order."

When the prior cycle enabling the robber-barons to own too much and pay too little in wages finally erupted into the Great Depression (with Wall St. then, as now, permitted to gamble with other peoples' life savings), FDR realized that he had to give back to working families or the entire system would implode.

Essentially, the pattern is repeating and if the Dem Party oligarch wannabes get their act together, maybe they'll recognize that Sanders is The One to preside over the great "Redistribution" that is inevitable, one way or another.

If, instead, a water carrier of the 1% takes the Oval Office, the elites will use their Controls to tighten the grip on citizens and what's happening in Greece, Flint, Michigan, and Puerto Rico will become more commonplace. I could see this type of contraction taking place in 2018. But that tightening of the screws will create an equal and opposite force... that will begin to BURST the chains the elites have placed over humanity. Some of those chains are ideological and work through religions that teach the glory of long-suffering; others use the channels of culture to create trends resonant with the goals of elites; others use direct force (all those uniformed gendarmes); and then there is the financial component. Since most of us are not independently wealthy and rely on the 1% (or the government) for job salaries, there's a strong disincentive not to rock the boat if one wishes to retain a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Tough times, indeed. However, the narrative that places the onus on everyday citizens (the victims of crimes of State) rather than the Authors of the Doctrines of Destruction (Shock Doctrine, or otherwise)... are apparently part of the Machine in place to reverse the narrative.

That's a common practice:

Blame the Black kid so the rabid police officer isn't held to account.

Accuse the Afghani pedestrian of being a terrorist so that the drone pilot (or his commander) isn't held to account.

Accuse the rape victim of wearing the wrong outfit and being out at night so that the rapist can be exonerated.

That is how the culture of Domination (Mars Rules) operates. It is the ANTITHESIS of justice but very good at projecting its own guilt onto its key targets.

Once one understands the dynamic, it's blatantly clear that it is in full operation. And in this era of Full Spectrum Dominance where Message is a component of the WAR on minds, nature, and people... you can bet your bottom dollar that people are paid to posit this same meme in threads like these.

It helps when writers like Jake Johnson substantiate this claim as per the reversal of causality.


Nothing like an apologia to raw power first thing in the morning!

You should do a little research on sociopaths and how it is that they climb high up in the world of business, government, media, and military.

Turning policies that have existed since the onset of patriarchy (in privileging the royal few at the expense of the many) is not the matter of mere psychology. It's a lot deeper. Still, the system of Patriarchal Capitalism rewards those who have little concern for others: i.e. sociopaths.


BRILLIANT comment!

You quoted all the most significant sources.

I'd like to add something which you may take with a grain of salt, but it provides a longer context to this problem between established power and ordinary citizens.

I am an avid student of the mystical & metaphysical and the first source that inspired this journey was Edgar Cayce. There is an entire library built around his trance-readings, and it's located in Virginia Beach (The Association of Research and Enlightenment, i.e. The A.R.E.)

In any case, Cayce explained that Atlantis had developed high tech operations inclusive of skill in genetic engineering. Furthermore, he explained that the goal behind all this meddling with life's DNA codes was intended to produce human beings that were physically strong and thus equipped to do manual labor, but intellectually quiescent... or not too bright or curious.

In other words, the elite during the era of Atlantis sought to create a labor pool by genetically engineering traits amenable to that cause.

I agree with everything you stated in your post including the urgency of the problem, what with TIPP and TPP waiting like nooses around humanity's neck as "Liberals" promote them as the greatest thing for jobs since sliced bread.

Thank you for this significant set of insights!


Perhaps we should begin calling them the Robber Barons that they are. Calling them "elite" makes it sound like they really are 'special', instead of exceptionally depraved.


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A big part of the problem is technological change. While production in factories has been increasing the number of workers needed to run the factories has been decreasing. And now technological change is even hitting professionals like lawyers. Law schools are closing as many tasks previously performed by lawyers are now performed by technology. The threat is technology. Up until he 1990s technology did not decrease the number of jobs overall but since then it has. Given the great gains being made in artificial intelligence and robotics it seems likely that good paying jobs will continue to be lost.


People don't make wars, governments do. The elite will play dumb till the pitch forks are at their door. They damn well know why we are so angry and they don't care. As long as their money shields them from the unwashed masses, they will continue to chase their delusions of world dominance.
The revolution is happening all over the world. They know it and I'm sure deep down in the rock they call a heart they know the bell will toll for them one day.
Bush Sr. once said "If the American people knew what we are doing they would take us out and hang us". You got that right for once Bushy and the days are coming.
They know most crime is caused by poverty. They know if they keep bombing Muslims all over the world they only create more terrorists. They know when the American people finally wake up they will be furious that they were told we are free but we are not. They know spying on citizens that have done nothing wrong is against the constitution, they know the military should never be used against their own people but they do it anyway. Fixed elections? Just par for the course. Two sets of laws, just par for the course.
And Bernie is the radical.
I say we explode the Democratic party and wake them up just a little bit more. You can't beat them by joining them.
Never Hillary


The unstated phrase behind all these arguments is Elites "....... who think like me."

PS: Elites are "pushed by self-interested....." If I remember my Plato correctly, self-interest was a disqualifying trait.


The origin of the story of DNA code mixing is fully explained in the book
Hands of the Maker, A story of Gods, Kings, and Climate Change by Robert P. Cox. It is a fiction but based on years of research into the ancient stories that brought Casey to his conclusions.
The book deals with the metaphysical, ancient knowledge and how kingship was developed even then to rule the masses. It is intense, fascinating and full of historical facts, you may enjoy it.


Very well said. Thank you. Jim Marrs has a few books that deal with these subjects such as "Rule by Secrecy" and "The Rise of the Fourth Reich". Excellent reading.


Partial agreement. But the streets do, in fact, matter more. If a million vote Green, it's good but changes little. But take that same million and put them in the streets of Philadelphia...


Elite? I think not. Worn out, hyper-dependent on plunder, lying, manipulation, chauvinism and heaping up the failures, death, destruction and social deterioration at an exponential rate. Not to mention utterly lacking in courage and creativity. Violent, fearful and demonstrably incapable of simply ceasing and desisting from exponential intensification of the failed pattern.

Anyone worth their salt will NEVER behave, assume, and bludgeon with the self-identification of 'elite'. It is in fact a contradiction in terms, an oxymoron - with emphasis on the moron(ic).

Its a hollow and meaningless word. Has anyone ever considered that it is precisely the hollowness that makes it such a usefully manipulative word? It deserves banishment from the english language and permanent burial with suitable eulogy for the devastation it has wrought since the 14th century.


We tried saying "No!" by supporting Bernie Sanders' candidacy, only to be confronted with a corporate media that refused to cover his speeches and denigrated him as a "radical;" a neoliberal Democratic Party so protective of its "elite's" power that it hindered him by limiting debates, hindering delegates, "purging" voter lists, closing polling sites, and more; states with disenfranchising voter registration laws. Basically, Sanders was made to run against all the weight against him the Establishment could muster, and was forced out of contention for the Presidency---and he's not the first progressive candidate to whom pressure was applied. Like Agent Mulder of the "X Files," I want to believe that the people's votes matter---but I've seen too much evidence that they do not. As JFK said, if peaceful revolution is made impossible, violent revolution will be inevitable.


Seeing things from the other's perspective is key, However, it's clear that the ruling class is not doing the same for the rest, at the moment.


True enough, but peaceful revolution is still possible, and definitely preferred. Violence is ultimately self-defeating.