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Elites Still 'Out of Touch': Progressive Outrage After DNC Chief Tom Perez Endorses Cuomo Ahead of NY Primary


Elites Still 'Out of Touch': Progressive Outrage After DNC Chief Tom Perez Endorses Cuomo Ahead of NY Primary

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez, who said just two months ago that the national party shouldn't be "anointing candidates" in primary races, was widely rebuked by progressives for his decision this week to endorse New York Gov.


It’s not just Perez turning his back on the progressive candidate, it’s Hillary Clinton, herself. Clinton also came out and endorsed Cuomo, a corporate friendly, neoliberal conservative. So much for Clinton and her supporting women candidates and anyone progressive. And then she still wonders why voters didn’t believe her when she said she would match her progressive credentials with anyone, back in 2016.


As THEY have stated, in public, many times - It’s a PRIVATE Club and Corporation, and they can do what ever THEY want including rigging the process to install THEIR corporate lackeys.

Stop acting surprised and offended at this. Ignore the bastards

3rd Party!


The Dems will never change; they cannot bite the corporate hand that feeds them.


The corrupt and broken D-party is devoted to one thing: Making big donors happy.

And progressive policy doesn’t play well in the back rooms where checks are written.


Phred: Thanks for opening the door once again to one of the most awesome stand-up commentaries in the history of political commentary by possibly the GREATEST political “comedian” EVER!!!


With Democrats like these, who needs Republicans?


The flip side is Perez just helped promote Nixon and make the primary more competitive.


The DNC has been endorsing candidates in many races. Hillary Clinton endorsed Cuomo and Joe Biden also will. I really don’t see the problem. Cynthia Nixon has zero experience in government. Cuomo has experience as attorney general, a job in the Clinton administration, and has served two terms as governor. He also has a progressive record as governor. Banned fracking in NY state (which has large potential for natural gas production), raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour, provided free tuition at state colleges and universities for children of middle class families, He also has set fairly ambitious goals for renewable energy and has approved many renewable energy projects. He will be closing down the last two coal plants in NYS in a couple of years. Perez’s endorsement makes sense given the DNC is trying to get the strongest candidates into the general election. A Democratic governor is needed in NYS to fight back against the Trump administration. An inexperienced actress running as the Democratic candidate could be vulnerable even in NY where Democrats outnumber Republicans by about two to one. The Republican are running a country executive who has the appropriate experience for being a candidate for governor. It could be a tough race.


“The accomplishment wing?” Seriously, Tom? You have accomplished Donald Trump. He couldn’t have done it without you.


“…the accomplishment wing of the Democratic Party”. Let’s see what have they accomplished: eight years contribution to perpetual war; rewarding the banksters who brought down the economy with trillions of cheap cash; trying to weaken Social Security; eliminating the public option from their already flawed health care plan. Electing a president who totally squandered a congressional mandate and then presided over a party which lost over 1400 countrywide positions to the Repugnants. Cowardly, militaristic, corporate wimps, that’s what the “accomplishment wing” are.


The accomplishment wing’s greatest hits;
War. Any time or place
Not holding the Bush administration responsible for War Crimes
Continuing the War Crimes
Aiding and abetting the R’s in;
The Patriot Act
Allowing the offshoring of manufacturing
Legalizing Monopolies
Allowing too big to exist Banks to make their own rules
I’m gonna stop there, I’m getting a headache


There’s a word for doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result—what was it? It’s right there on the tip of my tongue…


NEPOTISM. . . The key problem of the Democratic Party now.


Lesser of two evils voting?


“Don’t be scared of democracy—let the voters decide.”

Direct Democracy Works:



Well, most of us liberal/progressives think of the DNC as a “terrorist organization” anyway. So fuck Perez and all the other conservative DNC members.


Coumo is a POS, period. His father is turning over in his grave.


Evidence, troll?


Perez just lost a lot of cred. The DNC had very little before this and these kinds of moves are exactly the reason why.