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Elites Still 'Out of Touch': Progressive Outrage After DNC Chief Tom Perez Endorses Cuomo Ahead of NY Primary

Or hold your breath until you turn blue and get the same results.

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Teachers; please don’t vote for the bass turd Cuomo! He was in favor of the APPR evaluation system based on test scores which is a bunch of bullshit. Cuomo is almost as bad as a peabrain right wing scum.


Any bets on when progressive challengers in the party will stop saying “…they are out of touch with the Party’s base” and instead “…they are aligned against the Party’s base”?


OH, and don’t forget, 33 state governorships now republican. The federal appellate court system, and the SCOTUS, conservative. GOP control of all three branches of government.
To paraphrase W “you’re doing a helluva job, Tommy!”


Once again we bare witness to why Trump and the GOP won so easily in 2016. They embraced their populist movement, all the while the Dems shunned theirs.
The shunning is still going on. The big business people who helped create the Trump golem are now running scared as that wing of the party has turned full Chisto-Fascist. They will destroy anything and everything in order to live in their version of Gilead. That’s why you see the bankers and the oligarchs secretly backing center right democrats now. They’re hedging their bets because they know when this Trump crowd gets done burning down the mosques and synagogues, they will move on to banks and Walmarts.


This betrayal is why “Uncle” Tom Perez was installed at the DNC over Keith Ellison! SB DP establishment has lost so many races because they are sellouts to big-money and the people see their BS clearly!

Andy Cuomo is corrupt to the core; a serial sellout that has screwed us here in NY more times on so-many issues, they can’t easily be remembered…he and the R’Cons in Albany work together to keep any reform from happening - the “three men in a room”!

He sabotaged Property Tax reform along with other Dem sellouts and R’Cons, gave away non-partisan redistricting, supports dangerous/polluting fracked gas infrastructure, sabotaged medicinal cannabis reform - made so draconian & restrictive its a joke, never released (after 2 years!) the independent AIM pipeline safety study, $7.6 Billion upstate nuke plants bailout, Israeli stooge/shill, disbanded “his own” Morland corruption commission when they got too close to him & his cronies, and on and on…

he’s also a rabid vindictive pig whenever he feels “slighted” and all-around political bully… like what he’s doing now, threatening any political group - like Working Families Party - that endorse Nixon!

Cuomo…serve the people? Not freakin likely! Cuomo serves his own bloated ego and arrogant ambition, NOT the people!..perfect for the Clinton, Obama, Perez DP sellout wing!

Cynthia Nixon for Governor!

Zephyr Teachout for NY AG! (or Preet Bharara)


Hello there! What a nice comment. Thanx!

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Perez is a DNC puppet. Cuomo already received the toxic endorsement of Hillary Clinton which should help Cynthia Nixon.


More accurately, corporate fellatio.


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Yes they can bite the corporate hand and then send them to hell. But then, they would have to try something new like discovering some guts and integrity.


How is that?

What corporate types do best: Branding.

Andrew Cuomo’s endorsements from the dead part of the democratic party is going to convince voters to vote for Cynthia Nixon. We want change. We are tired of the same old same old.


It seems that the liberals have got it right on the distrust of corporate dems. It shows us that millenial progressives need to be partisan as hell to make the “Blue Wave” continue to build.

Democrats have to continue to believe that good wages are a product of coaxing the cream slowly to the top. Republican types want it, and they want it now or the whining begins. Then it’s blame the liberals. Same game as always, but with a twist. That being the attempt to finance elections with small donor contributions. I dread hearing the bashing of the billionaires, but it has to be done in some fashion. G


I presume KC2669 is arguing that since Perez is so despised by progressives (I guess he’s done some OK stuff in the past, be he annoys the hell out of me anyway), that this will give Nixon more publicity and attention. If she is actually a better candidate (and not being in NY, I haven’t spent any time looking into whether this is the case or not), then more attention should improve her odds.

The one thing I know about Cuomo that I absolutely can’t stand is his attempt to criminalize BDS. You can be pro-Israel without being anti-American - we are supposed to have free speech here - he failed.


What’s the difference between corporate fellatio and regular fellatio?

About a million bucks

Than you.


“A new phrase…my guess is his idea of ‘accomplishment’ is ‘only the centrists win elections, so vote for us winners.’”

Yes, nephewsam, the idea is ‘only centrists win elections.’

But it’s not a new phrase - it’s a calculated rephrasing of the right liberal, loser Democrat’s characterization of herself as a ‘pragmatic progressive,’ a “progressive who likes to get things done.”

Good one.

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Why Tom Perez pulled this silly stunt is simply beyond me. All I can think is that Cuomo is truly in trouble and this is scaring the daylights out the the corporate democrats. Of course, being clueless, they think this is going to help.