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Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to Headline Massive Boston Rally Friday


Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to Headline Massive Boston Rally Friday

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will headline a rally in Boston on Friday, as the resistance movement against President Donald Trump continues to build.

The leading progressive senators will speak at a sold-out event at the 3,500-seat Orpheum Theater at 7:30pm EDT, after Sanders separately attends a 2:00pm Q&A at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Dorchester and a book signing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


An opportunity to announce full-throated, unequivocal support for Medicare-for-All.

Or to play the typical game of 'let's hedge our bets' by not aiming too high.


According to my sources in Moscow, Trump doesn't like it when you aim to high.:wink:


I don't know how Sanders can speak to her. She's a fraud, a fake progressive hypocrite. She's no socialist. She was a corporate lawyer. She refused to endorse Sanders when he could have won Massachusetts if she had supported him. And if he won Mass that might have made a big difference in California. Instead she backed the vile HRC. Then she voted FOR Carson? What kind of "progressive" let alone socialist, is that?


A force majeur...the Sanders-Warren team! I hope it is the start of a long, successful ride to equality and equanimity for all that will repair all the injuries our nation, our environment, our people, and all life have sustained and endured over the last two score (and counting) years!


Warren is an albatross.

Thank goodness for Bernie's persistence. He is a blessing for those without a voice.


As per some of the comments above, lots of you are hitting the nail on the head:

Senator Warren is a representation of the limited scope of the Democratic Party. Cautious, calculating, spineless and hemmed in by concerns over alienating big money donors, she stakes out political turf well within status quo boundaries.

That's not even remotely bold, except by the standard set by the rest of her feckless, corrupt party.


"Bernie ROCKS, Hilliary SQUAWKS!" – So said my home-made bumper stickers in 2016.   'BETH & BROWN Will Knock 'Em Down!' in reference to Liz and Sherrod overwhelming their Repooplican opponents in 2020, if I may make a humble suggestion.  (Assuming our democracy will survive long enough to even HAVE elections 2020, that is, and that the DamnocRats can purge their party of plutocratic D.I.N.O.s like Dirty Debbie Duhby- Ass and the rest of Clinton's establishment fellow-travelers.)


Yes, that was when I soured on Liz Warren. Bernie only ran for President because she didn't, so Bernie carried her water. Then when Warren had the chance to endorse him in Massachusetts, she got all mumbly mouthed. She reminds me of the angels in Dante's Inferno who chose neither Satan nor God and were damned to drift in limbo.

The other person who back-stabbed Bernie was John Lewis, who denied Sanders, who said he never saw him during the civil rights movement, minimizing Sanders' civil rights protests in Chicago. That was low-down.


I called her on that from Vermont and recently also on single payer. Lots of folks called her and she reversed her vote on Carson. She was also reminded of not supporting Bernie when it mattered and so now the least she can do is advocate and co-sponser a true medicare for all senate bill. I'll be watching the soon to be broadcasted Boston Rally.


So do I. Nothing is perfect- but I feel good when I see these two together! May the force be with us!


I call the office ( when I can get through) at least every couple of weeks about many issues including healthcare, jobs, climate change, education- you name it. The staff has been many receptive.


Concentrate on the present. When we wallow in the past, we forget the present, then only get bitter and resentful. Even people in the med field have been pushing for single payer for over twenty years. We are way over due.


Dirty Debbie??? She's not longer chair- it's Perez.


Really???? She's one of the founders of the CFP and is one of the few who speaks against Wall Street. Are YOU from MA? She is also a huge supporter of jobs, and ed, and the environment, and of course health care. No one is perfect, and meets all needs for everyone. Would you like to run?


In our payola political system nearly all politicians are forced to become servants of capital because campaigns cost a fortune. Elected officials have to start raising money for re-election virtually from the first day they take office. So they all become whores to big money — John Lewis (who my wife who was there recalls gave a really excellent, far more radical speech than MLK at the 1963 march on Washington), Liz Warren, they nearly all sell out, all but Bernie. And Bernie would have to as well except for a) the fact that he's from Vermont where he built a solid reputation over decades and is personally known to half the population (only a slight exageration), and could win without big money, and b) that he put together an incredible on-line fund-raising machine in this past election. Few others could hope to do that, which means they have to go to the capitalists for their campaign finance and of course he who pays the piper plays the tune.

In France, by contrast, campaigning on TV is FREE. The stations are all government owned. Those candidates from small parties, who gain enough signatures to run, get the same air time as Sarkozy.


Well, he IS speaking , shows what a tough and fair minded individual he is. He is concentrating on issues not hurt feelings.


That was over fifty years ago, and I am sure Lewis just made a statement that he did not remember- period. That was a LONG time ago. Get over it.


Love Bernie!


Yes, that would be nice if we had clean elections- but people here are too tax adverse, and our taxes mainly are used to support the military, and the "entitlements"( hate that name).