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Elizabeth Warren Blasts Tax Plan as 'Giant Wet Kiss' to Corporate America



Thanks to Sen. Warren for not letting the corporate shills and their lies get away with this unchallenged. We need many more like her.


Elizabeth Warren is a Goddess for Justice. I applaud her intelligence at service to regular U.S. families, her informed scholarship on the issues, and her tenacity and refusal to be silenced by those in Congress who are engaging in 'pay-to-play' with wealthy contributors and corporate interests.
You are right, we need 100 more Warrens...


Well, with Paul Ryan at the wheel... this kind of massive transfer of yet more wealth is practically guaranteed. It makes one wonder about the law of probability--that how come the planes of Paul Wellstone and JFK, Jr. go down in accidents but scum like Paul Ryan get to plague the earth?

Shall we predict that Fabian will show up to bemoan the plight of the poor and insist that this outcome is due to the selfishness of the Middle Class? Poor Fabian refuses to see that working families once constituted that Middle Class and they are fighting to keep their families in homes with food on the table.

Posters like Fabian try to take the spotlight off the corporate agenda that has seen ITS tax obligations reduced to less than 15% (an amount few pay, anyway)... and instead blame "the Middle Class."

Lastly, when not particularly well-read citizens hear the words "Tax Decrease," as Frank Luntz no doubt coaches, they identify with that... as few people are readily willing to give up what their labors earn.

The sleight of hand practiced by most politicians (showing deference to their donor-sponsors) is deft enough to convince some voters that tax reductions will benefit THEM. They don't understand how much money is being kept out of the coffers and thus no longer available to rebuild the nation's decrepit infrastructure.

So skillful have been the memes that equate wealthy capitalists with Robinhood! that some voters actually applaud these selfish bastards for finding clever ways to off-shore their profits (to thereby reduce their tax obligations).

All this disinformation comes directly from a corporately run mass media that pushes stories favorable to its narrow interests while managing to convince enough suckers that THEY, too, are part of the 1% club.


1986 tax reform was the most broad based and regressive tax reform in US history, giving the 1% and their corporations huge tax advantages while significantly increasing income taxes for most of the 99%. 1986 tax reform was also the Democratic Leadership Council's (DLC) first opportunity to prove that they deserved more corporate "contributions" than the GOP as Congressional Democrats zealously promoted and voted for this reform, and continue to brag about 1986 "bipartisan tax reform".

Obama has reminded us in each of his state of the union speeches that "tax reform in the spirit of 1986 tax reform is a high second term priority" right up there with TTP and TTIP. He will be pushing tax reform as hard as he is pushing TTP.

Obama's tax reform will substantially increase income taxes the 99% pay. Note also that starting in 2018 Obama's ACA starts taxing employees for the TOTAL VALUE of employer sponsored medical insurance.


Wouldn't she make a Great Vic Pres. Go Bernie 2016 then Go Elizabeth 2020 and 2024. My dream anyway!


See now why couldn't there be this future where Bernie becomes president and Warren becomes Vice President and then after Bernie's presidency that Warren runs for president and wins in another landslide?

Then these back to back Bernie then Warren presidencies would give oligarchy the old one-two punch and America might be a great place to live again for regular people as opposed to being a place where you have to work two jobs just to get by in.


Mine too but you type faster...lol


They won't but then WE (the use of the word WE in this context is quite possibly allowed by ... She who refuses to say 'we') will allow it!

We the people (let's see her get around that one) can allow it. They can manipulate, bribe, lobby, extort, con, trick and lie like bandits BUT they (hey if we isn't allowed then how come they is allowed? Dagnabit!) ...ahem...

but they can't decide who we vote for ...at least as yet. We can allow it by voting. They have everything else but we can still vote.

Note >>> The use of the word WE does not reflect the opinions of she who allows no WE!!!


The media doesn't want to address tax reform and risk upsetting the right wingers who pay for the Comrade Warren ads on TV.


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Oh, Elizabeth, don't be so subtle.... Ha!! Good one!!!


"Or can we make this country work for millions of hard-working people?":Yes, it is called socialism. In a capitalist system no matter how much you might want to apologize for it, no matter how much you wish to make it a "kinder, gentler" system it is about, after all, exploitation of vast numbers of people to support the parasitical investor class.


"We" can vote all we want, but the people who own this country have the final say as to who gets elected.
As George Carlin said..."The people who own this country are in a big club, and you aren't in it".


We can also get off our collective whiny asses and vote to make sure that they can't get away we that sort of chicanery!

I notice that Bernie is a serious threat to the oligarchy and that isn't because oligarchy allowed it to happen!

Bernie is making it happen himself. Oligarchy certainly doesn't want the stuff he says becoming discussed around the country!


I have voted in every presidential election since 1968, and will vote in the upcoming election, I say the more people who vote, the better. I like Sanders and Warren, but they will not be allowed to be President. On the Democratic side, "They" want H. Clinton to be the candidate, she is someone they will be able to control.
Just as Albert Gore was elected by the people. Those votes were ignored and "Their" candidate, Bush was put into office.


Yeah they did that to Gore ...that is the fact! The difference is they really take a big risk trying the same thing again. You can't totally destroy democracy and expect it to protect you when it is already gone.

I do expect repubs to be sleazy and sneaky, unethical and creepy ... but they always are anyway. We'll just have to be ready for them this time.

People like Bernie's message. The status quo elites probably do not although they actually respect him as a person because he does want to help people while they only want to help themselves.

You see they know what they are. Even a thief recognizes honesty when he sees it. The way the game works is that you need decent, honest and well meaning people to repair the damage and keep the whole thing functioning. For example, you get the economy to have a surplus and then you get a Bush/Cheney to squander it, steal it for their cronies and class, trash the economy and nearly collapse the world's economy and then you need someone less greedy to fix it all over again.

So people like Bernie who aren't corrupt are tolerated as a necessary honesty in a basically corrupt system.

Except that Bernie has surprised them big time. He means it. He refused their bribes and really wants to be an INDEPENDENT president!

I love him for that. He doesn't intend to get in owing them anything. That scares them and that frees him at the same time to do what they don't want done.

Yay Bernie... we could all use your help this time... here at the eleventh hour.


Keep in mind that taxes are a multi billion dollar industry and the lobbying groups are accountants and lawyers. Since I started studying accounting in the very early 1970's politicians have been talking about major tax reform and making taxes easier. What has really happened since then is that the tax code has gotten more complex. Thus, the tax industry gets larger and makes more money. Also, the complexity helps in the slide of hand to make it more difficult to determine what the rich really pay. Thus, taking care of both needs of the wealthy and powerful.


Thirty years ago I worked for a company whose unwritten business plan was PROFIT IN COMPLEXITY / PROFIT IN CONFUSION. Especially since their bipartisan 1986 uber regressive "tax reform Congress has done a masterful job of turning tax returns into the biggest shell game the world has ever seen.


Elizabeth, being a proper asnd dignified lady, used the term "wet kiss" to describe what is actually a corporate "wet dream". We should allow her the modest subtlety appropriate to her gender.