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Elizabeth Warren: Democrats Will Keep Losing Unless They Are 'Willing to Take on the Billionaire Class'


Elizabeth Warren: Democrats Will Keep Losing Unless They Are 'Willing to Take on the Billionaire Class'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Several Senate Democrats were deeply offended when their colleague Sen.


“Money is going to drown our democracy, and if we don’t start fighting back, and fighting back more aggressively, then we are part of the problem as well.”

Suggested edit: “Money drowned our democracy.” The past tense seems apt. Citizen’s United was a long time ago. The corpse of American democracy (such as it was) is quite cold.


I’m voting for Liz thus far if Bernie doesn’t run. Not much room left for hope in a rigged system though. And no politician seems interested in unrigging it though there are solutions:




“Democrats Will Keep Losing Until the Entire Party Is ‘Willing to Take on the Billionaire Class’”…including the banker, wall street, corporate polluter/rapist/usurers…until they put the nation and 99% first, not themselves and their power-broker clients!

The potential they actually do other than they have been for the past several decades is slim to none given the corrupt DINO DP establishment players/system/conventions, and the SCOTUS “money equals free speech” "citizens united garbage…they were/are as wrong as wrong can be, and unconstitutional given any rational reading of the framers intent and premises, including “one person, one vote”…complicit to the role of big-money utterly corrupting our politics!


When times are tough the Sheepdogs start barking.


ms. warren has a short memory. she neglected to support her supposed comrade in the senate, Bernie, when he was running in the Mass. primary. For that she cost him the vote! shut up Elizabeth - a day late and a dollar short. disgusting. just another politician who was looking out for her own tail and not for the rest of us in this nation.


The obvious corollary to this is that if the Dem Party does NOT accept this fact, they do not deserve support, or votes. Voicing such, and refusing to partake in the party kool-aid is essential to exerting any significant pressure on the trajectory of the party. If Liz, Bernie and other progressive leaders actually move to leave and join DSA or form a new party, they could become relatively competitive quickly, not so much due to their own strengths as to the diminution of the old party. Thus the possibility of breaking the two-party edifice seems more plausible.


Yes the Democrats need to take on Wall Street and perhaps more importantly Silicon Valley which tends to supports the Democrats. I think Silicon Valley has become even more a threat to democracy than Wall Street. The Democrats actually aren’t doing that badly in elections but the way the system is set up it now favors the Republicans. The Democrats have won the popular vote in six of the last seven presidential elections but only won the election four times. That is because voters in smaller rural states that are mostly Republican have more voting power than voters in states with large metropolitan areas where most Democratic voters live. And what really hurt the Democrats was the backlash against a black president. There is no clear way that the Democrats can combat the racist vote, which swept Trump into office. Gerrymandering is going to remain a big problem for the Democrats at least until the 2022 election. Democrats need to work on overturning ID laws that largely keep African Americans from voting and stop purges of the voter registration lists which also mainly keep African Americans from voting. The Democrats can do better on the issues but they also have to do better in improving the electoral process which has been severely manipulated to favor the Republicans mainly by making it more difficult for African Americans to cast votes.


She’s my senator and she lost me when she ran away from the press rather than voice an opinion about the 500 or so Palestinian children that were murdered during “operation cast lead”. If she can’t bring herself to denounce genocide, I can’t vote for her. I won’t vote for a republican but I will never vote democrat again unless it’s in a primary.


Most likely, practically everyone entering these comments was about to post your exact comment…democracy has been dead and buried for some time now. Time to get real.


I will refrain from voting if I can’t get behind any of the candidate’s policies. War, lower taxes, a plethora of ill conceived notions. Mostly, because I use absentee ballots I probably won’t vote again. So you all don’t hate me, they only count absentee ballots in really tight races. No lesser of two evils or any number of poor to abysmal choices. This is just me. By all means vote any way you want to. Money though dominates in the most evil ways these days. I have my 99%, #Resist and Citizens against Citizens United stickers taped to my apartment window for all to see.


Mrs. Warren. Stating the obvious isn’t going to save the day. You’re stuck in the corrupt duopoly that is drowning in its own cesspool of immorality. No Party, no “Left” nor “Right” will give We the Poor People a reason to rise-up and “throw the money changers out of the temple”, as Jesus did. Give a look at 143-million poor and working poor who are seeing a Movement rising that will lift all People out of the trash piling up around us and away from the 300-million guns flooding our communities… “The Poor People’s Campaign: A Call for Moral Revival” - Take a look-see. Stop the apologies! Obama apologized the best. Rise-up, Mrs. Warren, out of the corruption that will engulf us all, if all you do is state the obvious. See yal in D.C. this June 23rd?


Elizabeth Warren is a lovely lady but as a politician, she blows which ever way the wind does when the bags of money are dropped on the floor for her.

As others have mentioned here, she alone could have insured a win in 2016 if only she had backed Bernie from the beginning.

She cowered till it was too late, afraid of being ostracized by the DNC, Democratic Party Establishment, Hillary Clinton, and the Corporate masters she represents.

I know that I am a broken record when I continue to state facts about the parties of the Duopoly being totally corrupt, in a “fixed legislative legal” way. Fixed for the 1% so as to avoid prosecution.

There remains only one way out of this dilemma for the remains of our Democracy.

We must reject both parties, Republicans, and Democrats.

They will “never” change their representation of the Corporate/Military/Top 1%.

Money is their Heroin.

They’ll die without it. Politically.

To all of you lifelong Democrats, open your eyes. Look around and see what your vote has given us.

Endless Wars, Income Inequality, Broken Healthcare System, Skyrocketing Insurance, and now Fascist Government with no real opposition from the Democrats.

These parties have abandoned the working people.

Your votes allow them to live like gods, while you and I struggle towards life, maybe retirement.

Please wake up, Elizabeth Warren is not your savior. She’s only a politician, the politician that insured Bernie lost, Hillary Clinton was nominated, and Donald Trump was elected.


Democrats will complain that it’s the “billionaire” class that is preventing them from attaining their single-party rule. But what if it’s actually not the billionaires, and normal people just think their ideas suck? Then what, Liz?


I am 100% a Bernie supporter. I think Warren and Bernie are more alike on issues, than was Bernie and Hilary…Hilary was a terrible corporate owned candidate. I want the rich, I mean very wealthy democrats to be voted out. I mean Nancy Pelosi with her $29.5 million fortune, Do you really think she gives a damn about the working class, middle class and forget the poor. None of these policiticans give a rats cazoo…about us. WE the citizens are the ones we have been waiting for. Our country is now putting children, babies in friggin cages…is this a wake call or not. Why are we not hearing bloody helll from democrrats> Sure Markely went saw and reported,but who else in the party has done so. We are facing facism…wake up. A study proved there are 10 ways to become a fascist…Trump has acoomplished seven of them. Thats the issue we are facing…


Warren and her Demon Dem liars ARE part of the Billionaire class even tho they may be lowly Millionaires. Rich is rich. They love Trump’s world so they can keep their money flow / status quo. The old farts need to go first: Pelosi, Schumer and the other Dem crooks. No better than the Red fuckers in charge now. Do delude yourself. They plan to take anything we have left… unless we God forbid fight back with real bullets!


In other words, the DamnocRats will just keep on losing.  But the DNC Establishment could care less, just so long as the Fat-Cat money keeps rolling in . . .


The “Senator from Raytheon” voted for Pentagon spending bill.


Democrats Will Keep Losing Until the Entire Party Is ‘Willing to Take on the Billionaire Class’

And until the entire Democratic party refuses to take special interest donations (banks, corporations, PACs, etc) and includes all people on the left, not just the DNC/Hillary “centrist” Republican-lite sliver of the party. Those party members will be the reason for losses and the continuing destruction of our Constitution by the Republicans, Russia, Fox, et al.

Unk Fester,

Sorry, I posted only after seeing the headline, making the same point you did.