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Elizabeth Warren Joins Groups Demanding GOP Leaders Reverse Supreme Court Blockade



I wish Warren would stop being so obstinate about waiting to reveal who she will endorse. Lol. She must know that her endorsement would give Bernie a shoe in lead and if she ran as his veep, the pair would probably make it a landslide victory that would motivate the public to support major reforms like the ones she and Sanders keep talking about.
Love her anyway and glad to have her fighting the good fight along with Bernie in any case.


CNN Headline--Obama Vets GOP Governor for Supreme Court.

My worst fears realized.


Republican Vows of Obstructionism have been with Obama since the very beginning.

Such un-statesman like conduct when the Country was in the worst Depression since
the First Great Depression amounted to Treason.

They still hate Obama, Country be damned.

But like their initial vow to make him a one term President failed miserably,
so to will this come back to bite them in the ....

Wait until the cases come before the Court, the Republicans are going to fry
in their own fat.

Not even in favor of a conservative appointee, we may win more favorable progressive decisions leaving the court split.


Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) is being vetted for the vacancy on the Supreme Court (AP)


Once again Obama disappoints. This is not pragmatism, a good chess move forcing Republicans to reconsider, nor is it bipartisanship. It is another caving in and handing Republicans a win for thirty or forty years.

I prefer to take my chances on a Bernie Presidency and a change of Congress doing the nominating than by one appointed by a Wall Street tool.


Isn't it time Liz and Bernie join forces openly? Announce their partnership as a running-mate team in this election? That would really shake-up the game! Bernie now and Liz as the next president, a first woman Prez that would really deserve the accolade, rather than the deceitful evasive toady for business-as-usual we have before us now.......


Pledging to obstruct the President in his Constitutional duties is a betrayal of the oath they took upon taking office.

Also, slightly tangential, couldn't Obama, during Congressional Recess, have made a "recess appointment" to replace Scalia? Wouldn't that have been wise and strategic?


The Senate is required to consult. It can't consult if it refuses to meet the candidate or consider the nomination! The Republicans are refusing to do their Constitutional duty. Their refusal is tantamount to resigning from their positions.


Oh, no, I don't "labor" in that way. It was a "polite" rhetorical question. Obama is a bummer, and I never voted for him. I was merely trying to engage those who DID vote for him to ask the question. What questions would you invoke to wake up those liberals and feminists who are going to vote for Kissinger's protégée, Hillary Clinton, about whom I can say nothing Presidential?


The problem--if you remember how the Rs dealt with Bill Clinton--is that they do not recognize a Democrat as having legitimacy to hold office--ANY Democrat.

The only way to deal with that is to take back the Senate in November and the House as soon as possible.


Hey, let's make a video on Obummer collectively. If many people do the research on how and why Obummer is a "Wall Street tool, I'll do the work putting together a video. 10 or 15 minutes. It'll go viral on YouTube. Help Bernie against Hillary.

You can see the rather radical videos I've made here: www.youtube.com/classwarfilms



If Liz were Bernie VP, she'd be in perfect position to slip up and in.


The US Constitution actually contains no mention of political parties, or particularly their right to be used to conspire for disrupting the operations of government.

Wouldn't it then be especially Judge Scalia who'd agree that political disruption of government is inconsistent with the original intent. Senators doing so would simply be violating their oaths of office and could be legally ordered to desist. It "seems" risky, but I think in this case it doesn't need to be, just keeping them in the loop as it proceeds.


The 5-word United States Constitution:

Rich White Men Rule Forever


Apparently not a friend of solar rooftop energy and major controversies in that realm - scroll down to solar issues


Ah yes, our weak kneed leader caves again. Now there is a surprise. Obama has been a disappointment from day one and his depressing lack of conviction makes you want to scream. Here is what you do Mr. Obama. Ram it down their throats. Delay funding to republican districts. Make their life so hard on the hill that they can't operate. Get off your lazy ass and do something.

Of course, I assume he would like to place a liberal on the court which is a highly questionable assumption given current rumours. Honestly, what is wrong with the democrats these days. What a bunch of toadies.

I thought this would never, ever happen but if Bernie Sanders does not win the democratic nomination, I'm voting for Donald Trump. No more weak kneed democrats. Let the democrats lose everything and then, perhaps, they will finally get it. Time for the left to standing up.


An alien visiting this fetid rock would probably conclude that Obama IS a Republican. Which makes the Republican charade even more comical than it already is. Only the joke is on us.

The spectacular failure of democracy in "the greatest democracy on earth" along the very lines of capture by the wealthy and powerful is so obvious that it can't be hidden anymore. It isn't a matter of "who knew?" any longer, but "who cares?"

I believe ALL the establishment politicos keep their greed throttled just enough that the peasants don't rise up and set a torch to the whole tawdry mess.


Can Senators be impeached for dereliction of sworn duty? If so, we have rather damning evidence that they are refusing to do their duties from their own mouths! Does anyone know where pitchforks are sold these days?


Nominating a Republican or conservative would be another stab in the back by Obama. We've suffered for a long time under Scalia it's time for a more liberal justice. You better believe if it was McConnell it would be a conservative maniac he would want approved.
I believe that bringing a law suit against the Senators that refuse to do their job would be the right thing to do. Dereliction of duty, acting in an unconstitutional way, what ever. If nothing is done and these idiots get away with this our system of government is no more. They are destroying the basic rules of governance and thumbing their nose at the American people. They need to be removed from office.
We need to stop calling their little cabal a party. There is no Republican party, only a group of fanatics determined to destroy our government, it's treason. They refuse to try to change things in the proper way by votes, they just want it destroyed and are doing anything, legal or not, to get it done.