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Elizabeth Warren Launches 'DeVos Watch' in Bid to Make Education 'Corruption-Free'


Elizabeth Warren Launches 'DeVos Watch' in Bid to Make Education 'Corruption-Free'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) announced on Wednesday the launch of 'DeVos Watch,' a new initiative tasked with holding Education Secretary Betsy DeVos accountable and ensuring that the Department of Education serves students, "not the industries that make money off them."

In an op-ed for CNN, Warren explained the motivation behind the "oversight effort."


This comment has no redeeming value but I liken her to the counterpart of the eviel Dick Cheney.


Right on, Elizabeth Warren - This is encouraging, and please don't pull punches or act/speak too politely in DeVos' direction. Liberals and progressives are far to polite in the face of the crimes against humanity and the fascist destruction brought on for decades now by these evil, selfish people. DeVos and the cockroaches of her family and the evil, politicaly-illegitimate cult called 'the Republican party are committed to and terminally brainwashed in what they 'think' (not that they're capable of actual thinking - they are mentally on a level of the lowest insects, and utterly without compassion or decency for humanity) is the absolute virtue of capitalism running and ruling and gutting everything. They are never going to understand that commodifying education is a betrayal of the very 'American freedom and democracy' values that they claim to embody and promote. Their hypocrisy and malignant effect on society is what is absolute, and they must be opposed, run out of any offices they've been illicitly and corruptly installed in, and marginalized in American life. Fuck this 'I'm a billionaire and therefore am the ruling class, entitled to govern, develop and codify policy, and own the country.' Only when Americans en masse somehow evolve past their money-pornography and their false, nation-destroying, deeply immoral and unjust equating of 'capitalism' and 'democracy' will this cancer, represented by the filthy, stinking boils and tumours on the body politic like the DeVoses, the Bushes, the Trumps and so many others, be killed off and vanquished.

But considering that, as was recently outlined in an essay here on CD, the United States is so fucked up that it deserves the likes of this egomaniacal imbecile Trump, and obviously lacked the collective sense to keep the fucker out of office, I'm not holding my breath.

Meanwhile, even with the arc of history proving that all democracies inevitably slide into authoritarianism and fascism - which is what this asshole DeVos wants - it is STILL - if you care at all about your children and grandchildren's right to a decent life free from tyranny - the responsibility of us all to get behind Warren's 'DeVos Watch', and exercise our own vigilance over the education system, so that there's any kind of a chance that the current and next generation of American schoolchildren can get an actual education - which involves so much more than the lies and horseshit that they are currently force-fed - including what's left of the public school system - about their country's history, so-called 'values', its purpose, its obscene unholy trinity of masculinism, militarism and monetarism.
PAY ATTENTION TO DIANE RAVITCH AND JOHN TAYLOR GATTO on what the fuck to do about education in the U.S.
- Resist the demonization and banning of Howard Zinn's 'People's History..';

  • understand that high school football is ONLY a recruiting tool for the military and put the millions wasted on this shit that isn't even a fucking sport, but only exists to exalt masculinity as superior to femininity and promote capitalism and war, into actual education, and find a way to re-direct the embarrassing enthusiasm for 'football' into an enthusiasm for the life of a 21st-century mind that can square up to the crimes and bullshit mythologies of the American history and experience;

-encourage and support a curriculum which widens a child's education to understand that 'American exceptionalism' IS A GODDAMN LIE AND MIND-CONTROLLING BULLSHIT, and that there are other countries on Earth which are as entitled to human security, sovereignty and respect as the U.S.;

  • UNDERSTAND, PROMOTE AND ADVOCATE THAT EDUCATION AND HEALTHCARE ARE NOT FUCKING COMMODITIES - THEY ARE HUMAN RIGHTS, AND THERE WILL BE NO HEALTH FOR WHAT'S LEFT OF THE UNITED STATES AS A NATION, A BODY POLITIC AND AS A COLLECTIVE OF PEOPLE UNTIL EDUCATION AND HEALTHCARE ARE SOCIALIZED. TO CONTINUE ON THE SUICIDAL PATH OF COMMODIFYING EDUCATION AND HEALTHCARE IS TO DESTROY THE UNITED STATES. When American kids come out of the womb and grow up - to what limited, developmentally-arrested extent they ever CAN grow up in a country as fucked as the U.S. - being indoctrinated with this evil lie that American militarism and military might are the greatest virtues, the soldier is the one true hero (and in the last decade or so, young, mind-controlled males are labelled 'heroes' for even considering enlisting, long before they ever do anything that could be called 'heroic'), and that all else in American society, except the militarism (yet even large parts of that which are run by 'contractors' and 'Blackwaters'/ 'X-E's and 'TigerSwan's) is for sale, including their shitty education, THEN THEY RECEIVE NO EDUCATION, BUT ONLY MORE INDOCTRINATION AND MIND-CONTROL;


There's more 'christianity' in the left cheek of my lapsed-Catholic arse than there ever was or will be in this imbecile DeVos or her imbecile family. Read Chris Hedges' 'American Fascism'. These 'people' are the cancer consuming what's left of the U.S.


Betsy DeVos is an elitist Christo-fascist, a determined racist, and another of Trump's spectacular incompetents intent on undermining democratic institutions that built this country, in her particular case our public schools. She must not only be resisted. She and her movement must be exposed and destroyed.


Well Barry, your rant may be radioactive to many here, but I, for one, am not offended.

Yes, as many public schools struggle for financial solvency you can always count of the faithful to fund the most violent sports programs, to continue our hero worship, and the attendant harem adulation of the fairer sex. The only thing we do now collectively as a nation is praise our warrior heroes - nothing else is allowed or agreed upon.

My brother performed a one man protest against the Viet Nam War while attending John Carrol University (Catholic) here in Ohio, where amazingly ROTC was mandatory!!! For that he was asked (told) to leave and the highly-revered pastor of our church excoriated my brother from the pulpit while my mother, father, my younger brother and I sat in the pews. Called him a coward, a disgrace to his nation, and a black mark on "his' church. WTF? WTF? WTF?


You do have to remember that the Catholic Church has never met a war it didn't support. Pope's and cardinals have always sat upon a throne of skulls.


For me, at that time, just beginning to figure things out, it was a life changing moment.


...and on their piles of priceless plunder belonging to other nations.


Senator Warren can start with the money trail emanating from DeVos and her husband, her parents, and her brother, Eric the Prince and it will be one convoluted, circuitous one down to the Caribbean, over to Switzerland, and back to Michigan (after all funds have been sequestered and/or laundered).

Betsy Devoid (of a Brain) is one nasty piece of work but she is DJT's minion chosen only to pursue her family's financial agenda as well as her evangelical crusade. Quid Pro Quo


So now all the Bushes are onboard with Trump? or was it their pick?


Thank you Elizabeth for all that you do but you've got to leave the dem party who are beholden to all donors.

Please leave them behind and all you progressive join a bigger picture party for we the people.

Nancy Pelosi is wrong,wrong , we the people want change, real change, not just fricking more of the same.


Oh my God! I cannot believe this!!! This is horrible! I live a few blocks from John Carroll. I am related, by a aunt's marriage, to the John Carroll the college is named for.



I often leave the computer for extended lengths of time after posting
something, and didn't see your reply until now, checking my e-mail (also
very haphazard/bad about.) Yes, I accurately described my brother's action
at John Carroll, but to be clear the Catholic parish is here in
Wintersville, Ohio. What the pastor did was... malicious, and the public
shaming of course meant to send a message about deviation from* his*
church's attitude toward the war.

Not certain, but pretty sure the Catholic HS I was enrolled at the time
asked my parents to take me elsewhere. Probably also was pushed along by me
commenting in brother Bartholomew's religion class that if it is true that
no-one that has not heard the words of Jesus Christ could ever attain
heaven, then it doesn't sound like a very just god to me.

In the middle of an electrical storm, have to shut down.

Peace, Vince