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Elizabeth Warren Leads Charge Against Trump, Denouncing 'Dubious' Executive Orders as 'Cruel Joke' on American People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/09/elizabeth-warren-leads-charge-against-trump-denouncing-dubious-executive-orders

Why is Warren “leading the charge”? That’s just rubbing salt in the wound, since Warren played a big role in blocking Bernie Sanders from the nomination in 2016, and again in 2020. Bernie would have won in 2016, and we would have been spared Trump’s idiocy. Now we can look forward to another four years of it.


You have to give it to Liz for remaining in the fray.

I wish I could only get over her blowing the chance to endorse a real progressive, Bernie.

The world would have turned much differently had she seized that moment.


Elizabeth Warren says "if the President cared about the American people he would…When is she and others like he realize the president DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. The American People know it but it seems those with tons of money still think he is a caring human being. Trump has no empathy, sympathy, compassion or care for regular Americans because he is a psychopath. The prime ability of psychopaths is to put forward a mask of sanity that convinces others he is a human being. That’s the problem, everything Trump does is against the people. We are fooled by his manner to believe he is a regular human being and not a serial killer, the master of distraction collateralized violence. Think Ted Bundy, Ariel Castro, BKT etc all these murderers committed crimes and yet all of them were hidden by their own mask of sanity that fooled police for years. I am not concerned with medical definitions of Trump only that all he does is hurt others. N B psychopaths like to hang out with others like themselves DeVos, Mnuchin and his cabinet are all destroyers His appointees are destroyers. We are fooled and stupid to allow these people haters the same rights as good people We have all been fooled by them. They only promise death. The people are not a business asset to be used and thrown away


3 simple lines—well said!

I’m sure many can relate to what your simple 3 lines convey—I know I do.

She could be very comfortably retired and living with her nice husband and nice dog that she loves, taking walks, using Ponds face cream and not washing her face to stay youthful looking ! (LOL). Full disclosure: I bought Ponds but couldn’t go so far as to stop washing my face!

Seriously though----I agree with you on all you say. I too wish she would have joined forces with progressives and not gone to the dark side.

But I’m getting tired of revisiting that-----Bernie, Liz blah blah, blah . . all the anger/frustration and trying to figure out why they behaved the way they did.

We are in such dire straights . . .


The media are seizing their moment to report all of the atrocities that the GOP are.

It will be a much different thing for them to bring these horrors to fruition.

Don’t give up on your dreams quite so soon Caroline.

That, would be a tragedy.


For want of a nail, the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe, the horse was lost.
For want of a horse, the rider was lost.
For want of a rider, the message was lost.
For want of a message, the battle was lost.
For want of a battle, the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.




This reminds me of a chess game, I really have only played in several times, when all the players are in the background planning strategy that rump doesn’t know about. Who knows, maybe the postoffice guy will decide at the last minute to dissolve the post office. Then what?

The strategy is not for a DC operative to “dissolve the Post Office”, it is to put so many obstacles in the way of USPS (accelerating what Congress has been doing for a half century) that the mail service gets so bad that constituents en masse are demanding that their Congresscritters get rid of USPS. The same strategy is being applied to Social Security and Medicare.

The GOP’s stock response (as it has been for every program they run into the ground) will be…“see, government doesn’t work”.

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Dear Mr. Trump:

I think you had better drop the Executive order ideas. EspeciaIIy screwing over aII those citizens and there Social Security-----just stop and think for a minute:
After aII that you have done—sureIy you realize that at the end of your short reign----that bad times are a- coming for you! After aII the lawsuits-----you wiII sureIy be a pauper and as that German bank is now providing aII kinds of information about how you work----THINK THIS OVER—after aII the Iawsuits what wiII you have Ieft? NOT MUCH. Maybe you’d better keep Social’s Security and Medicare in tact------because when the lawsuits are done with you—you’II be a pauper and Social’s Security and Medicare wiII be aII that you have Ieft. : )

He would likely get the minimum Social Security because I doubt he ever paid into the fund. His pretend relief plan is bogus by the way.

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That’s because Lizzy is most likely the VP pick. To placate progressives of course.

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Everything in the dems bill is needed and more, to salvage any kind of an economy, and keep the people afloat. So once again the dems come to a gun fight with a knife, and only ask for the bare minimum needed to achieve this goal, knowing (or not), that the repugs are going to pare this bare bones bill down in negotiations, and the house of cards falls. Dems must ask for twice of what they want when negotiating, but I think the dem leadership knows that.

“Democratic leaders called on their Republican counterparts to ‘return to the table, meet us halfway and work together to deliver immediate relief to the American people.’”

Halfway on a barebones bill - Not going to get it done.

On the lighter side, here’s what the narcissist-in-chief tried to get done in SD. Unbelievable.





  1. involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing.

"It’s the entire republican party, stupid!"


Maybe if people quit calling her Lizzy or those ethnic slurs people like to use, she would have a stronger voice in government.

I can’t help but notice, none of these pronouncements by supposed progressives, as well as Nancy and Chuck, contain the words “we will challenge these illegal and unconstitutional signing statements in court on Monday”
That’s because they lost the narrative. If they challenge now, and hold up further relief to the unemployed, however meager it is, the GOP will make commercials about it for weeks. “The evil do nothing democrats did nothing for you poor unemployed Americans. President Trump bravely stood up to them and now they want to use the courts to stop you from getting extra benefits.”
They write themselves. The democrats just lost this thing before it started

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And maybe if Lizzy were a real progressive we wouldn’t be having this argument.
(Every woman I’ve ever known named Elizabeth has been called Liz or Lizzy by her friends and family. Next thing you know you’ll be saying we can’t call guys named Stan Stush)

Holy shucks, you don’t have to be a progressive to be effective in government. You just have to be knowledgeable, good at something and have a platform to apply it.

BTW Progressive are never going to get the whole apple so maybe a little consideration would be good idea.

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Not in my opinion, because she is white and I predicted the DNC picked a Biden/Kamala ticket over a year ago. But i would wager Liz will be given a cabinet post.