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Elizabeth Warren Leads Demand to Audit OSHA as Covid-19 Sparks 'Massive Worker Safety Crisis'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/29/elizabeth-warren-leads-demand-audit-osha-covid-19-sparks-massive-worker-safety

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Go for it Liz. Put the hammer down on any or all government that spends our money.

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Those are the six d-party senators who voted to give Steve Mnunchin authority over the corporate bail out and working class crumbs, right? Gee, thanks for your concern, Liz and Bernie.

But don’t worry everyone: Relief for peons is coming in CARES Act 4.0 (or 5.0…or well, whenever).


This is why an Eliz Warren top of ticket and Bernie bottom of ticket Democratic Party challenge would’ve brought about the kind of campaign that would have drawn back into the body politic disillusioned veteran activists who long ago threw in the towel with the overwhelming SILENCE OF THE PROFESSIONAL CLASSES in the face of INSTITUTIONAL CORRUPTION and its contagion spreading to pandemic global proportions.

All the indebted students seeing only a return of Debtors’ Prisons to the colonies of the crown who’ve tuned out of retail politics and issues oriented pursuits instead of lending the youthful street troops to any genuine reform movement radical as radishes in pulling up the twisted and capitalizing roots and disinfecting the deal-making back and board rooms.

Even and especially within our corporate-captured regulatory systems: Environmental with EPA the Environmental Polluters Agency issuing permits to do the impermissible; Financial by the House of Clinton-Summers-Biden-Obama complicit with the ‘financially responsible’ business Republicans in allowing Wall Street and the Supermarkets of Financial Services to regulate themselves.

See FINRA failures in S&L collapse & tax-payer bail-outs followed by FTC & Justice de-criminalizing fraudulent business models and corporate malfeasance by issuing slap on the wrist fines for the share-holders to pay, while the real looting of banks and lenders along with their insurers like AIG is always perpetrated by the overlapping and conflicted interests of the corporate board of directors. Keep sitting young people down to watch this 18 minute clip that the Trump Campaign bumped off the boob tube that summer of 2016 as institutional corruption was about to hit hyper-drive. That is saying something after the Bush-Cheney-Greenspan Iraq Invasions and Perpetual War E-CONomy of Daddy Warbucks century in Washington doing the work of Private Clients and their States rather than privileging the Public Interest in policy making.

Now we find Worker Well-being like the current compromised, complicit via conflicts of interest and comatose OSHA which was established to assure equitable wealth creation and facilitate domestic productivity and stable working class expansion to fill the vacuum of the disenfranchised after our nation’s history of cyclical booms\busts and Depressions Great and Not So Great.

The youth who rallied to re-enter electoral politics and more importantly add the muscle to the reform of regulatory capture movements have again surrendered in despondency over the inability to criminally prosecute another larcenous head of state as close U.S. allies like South Korea and Israel have done and in Israel’s case are doing via current public trials of Bibi Netanyahu on bribery and assorted political malfeasance charges (not even close to the corporate crimes he has been complicit in) deemed not news-worthy in the western press and broadcast media. Likely for fear by the profiteers and cozy trans national corporate caliphate of what would happen if the disenfranchised masses of young and debt-burdened students and former students now holding down minimum wage jobs (if they’re lucky given rates of under-employment and un-employment and Uber-ization of the Gig E-CON) were to rise up and use their facilities with high tech to actually bring about an effective evolution instead of the dis-articulated flash of revolutionary du jour micro-movements.

The return to Feudal Lord\Robber Baron levels of concentrations of wealth in non-audited off-shore accounts which creates entire money-laundering industries and eco-systems for narco-traffickers and human traffickers via their ‘legitimate business’ fronts in speculative and financialized real estate and electronic trading that no longer is about housing or production. The global economy is increasingly propelled by such ‘Financial Innovations’ as creating scarcity of housing to inflate market valuations.

Also and this is key, the turning of regulatory agencies and criminal law enforcement to the protection of plunderers, polluters and at UCLA the Junk Bond kings Lowell and Michael Milken, whose never clawed back family fortune built on the backs of the collapsed Drexel Burnham Lambert bid-net trading model led to the white-washing of the felonious convictions of Michael Milken who took the fall for his brother Lowell and opened the door for hyper-speed rehabilitation of the family bid-net model and name. Trump with barely any public notice or memory pardoned Michael Milken, thereby wiping clean the rare criminal conviction of a Feudal Lord of High Finance\Tech to complement the Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy at UCLA School of Law.

That neat trick of building facts on the ground and across cyber search space required the lack of Anti-Trust Corporate Criminal law enforcement of GOOGLE dba Alphabet Search LLC and the (Age of) Surveillance Capitalism Model (see recently retired Harvard Business Social Psychologist Shoshana Zuboff’s documented work that you likely have not heard much about via U.S. air waves or cyber-publishing platforms).

The sanctioned monopolists and market-makers\controllers whose search engines helped and continue to find new ways to rig what criminal history did get recorded via the White Washing and Green Washing of the algorithms beyond the reach of any but the corporate hierarchies.

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But we’ve been left no choice,

Says who, Richard Trumka? It might be helpful if you recall the labor history of the CIO that merged with the AFL. This is an intolerable situation that needs worker solidarity in not returning to unsafe conditions at the work place and for the greater community to support them. It is not enough to say they are heroes.