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Elizabeth Warren Presents Unparalleled Plan to Bolster American Workers and Manufacturing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/04/elizabeth-warren-presents-unparalleled-plan-bolster-american-workers-and

How about a Department of Peace to counter our Department of War that takes over half our tax revenues? Employ soldiers for peace that help feed, clothe, house, educate the poor worldwide instead of bombing them? Plenty of jobs there…

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This is the best economic plan I have heard of.The only way to stop the corporate short sighted greed is to let them understand what real growth means.It is an all in plan .Invest in American workers raise wages so most can afford the necessities of life and not give in to short term gains. Afforable housing ,health care and an increase in living standards is the goal.

You couldn’t pay me to have a beer with Biden, but I’d have one with Warren (or Sanders, Gabbard, or Gravel). Maybe I could talk some sense into her about foreign policy which I think is her big weak point. I don’t understand how she can be this definitive on so many domestic policy positions but not be 100% behind Medicare for All. I don’t give a damn about her failure to back Sanders in 2016 (well I wish she would have, but it doesn’t prevent Sanders and Warren from being obviously close friends, and it doesn’t prevent me from voting for her). But I do give a damn about these two issues for which I haven’t been that impressed with Warren yet.

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A department of peace? You mean like Kennedy’s Peace Corp? Got overrun by agents from other defense departments. Same agenda in the end, maybe less killing in the process.

Warren talks industry, industry, industry. Very little green. The whole thing needs to be green. Oh, yeah, she’s from Massachusetts? Maybe she’s not feeling the heat yet. I’d like to see industrial growth if and only if it is green industrial growth.

Build gardens up the side of homes and office buildings. Build gardens on rooftops. Give us back our oxygen. Brazil is on the way to finishing back the worlds biggest land supplier of oxygen.

In her defense, Warren is well aware that the Senate we have, and now the Supreme Court, is going to pose major problems for any Medicare for All proposal. I actually appreciate that she’s pushing some areas that a president has more control over. Each candidate kind of has their “thing.”

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Actually first time I heard that was from Dennis Kucinich

Each candidate has their own thing, indeed. To such an extent that it appears that the progressive end of the Democrats is organized. A dozen ideas fully fleshed out recently, some better than others, but the more progressive legislators are not tripping over each other on different versions of the same thing like a more random or the typically competitive set of actions would produce.

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