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 Elizabeth Warren Proposes to Strengthen Democratic Spines With a Powerful New Tool: Math


 Elizabeth Warren Proposes to Strengthen Democratic Spines With a Powerful New Tool: Math

John Nichols

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is calling on Democrats to be an actual opposition party in the coming era of Trumpism. And she is deploying a powerful tool to make the case for aggressive and unapologetic resistance to Republican hegemony: math.


The Democratic candidate has won the majority of votes in six of last seven elections. I think we are close to saying that the Democrats are a permanent majority. With a growing Hispanic population and the Republicans not willing to support immigration reform the trend is likely to continue. However, the Republicans are doing better in state elections which allows them to gerrymander and control the House of Representatives and they can also win the presidential election because of the elector college. I guess the bottom line is that the Republicans have no mandate and they must be strongly opposed if they argue otherwise as the numbers do not support that claim. Most Americans did not vote for fascism, they did not vote for hate, and they did not vote for a continuous stream of lies from elected officials. There is no mandate for those things that seem to be supported by the new (and completely unqualified) leader of the Republican Party, Donald Trump.


Rejected by a majority of voters, lacking a mandate from them, but going on to exercise power over them via the electoral college.

Although oxymoronic, it sounds like the definition of a "legal coup" to me, care of our very own Constitution.


Conservative Democrats are Republican operatives within the Democratic Party. Republicans have the money and money is power, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Republicans are Mammon's minions, corruption personified.

By definition, Progressives are not corrupt and can't deal in this rigged system. They can demonstrate until they're out of bail money but can't outspend Republicans. Progressives can't get the money and revolving doors out of politics because politicians won't give up their bribes. We need to take politicians out of the picture.

Direct Democracy


Warren had a chance to do good by supporting Bernie instead of corporate Hillary...Warren is as much to blame for Donald as anyone....I love warren and I had hi hopes for 2016 but then she didn't pick up the baton and run with it for Bernie and this is what we get...Trump the big douche....Sure she is going to fight them but to no avail the re-pubs own it all and they will destroy it all when 4 yrs is gone all we will have is a memory of what things used to be....Republicans are going to totally destroy our democracy with their fascist ideas and love of corporate money. Republicans are vile evil con men and all of them crooks...we are in a world of shit....thanks Warren your love of Hillary cost us everything.


“But... they cannot hand over that control to big corporations unless Democrats roll over and allow them to do so.” cough cough chuck schumer cough


^^^ or feel free to add any number of other "roll over" Dems -- who are, by the way, the vast majority of the Democratic Party. In a country where the ruling class have political representation wholly at the expense of everyone else, a true leftist party is an aberration.

And if we can't have a party, then I guess it will be a revolution instead -- a REAL one, I mean, not the nice metaphorical one Sanders spoke of during his campaign.


Distinctly slanted article as I would expect a Nichols party hack piece to be. He paints a picture of the Democrats and Warren as a counterbalance to the evil Republicans when, in fact, the party has been a more than willing accomplice in the sellout of the American voter. For sure, the voters did not give Trump a mandate, but neither did they give the Democrats a mandate. If they had, Democratic turnout in key Democratic states would not have fallen and Clinton would be headed to the White House, not Trump.

Progressive sounding announcements from Warren and Sanders, aside, there is absolutely no evidence to support that the Democrats have changed course. If anything, it appears that they are only too willing to take a page from the Obama playbook and pursue more Grand Bargains with Trump and the Republicans. Both parties serve the 1%. Nothing has changed, there.


She's right. We are hoping against hope that the Dems will finally "do the right thing." It's a long, long shot....


Too bad Prince died. He could reconfigure his 1999 lyrics into "party like its 1933 in Germany".


Most Germans did not vote for Hitlers NSDAP either. But they did have a powerful plurality in the Reichstag, and the maniac was able to wiggle his way into the seat of power. Hindenburg couldn't form a coalition government without the Nazi's because the Socialists and the Conservatives could not work together. The Conservatives thought they could control Hitler. We see how that turned out.

The German populace largely acquiesced in the Nazi's power grab.

We have to be in opposition in the streets and in the legislative chambers. Do not allow ourselves to get sucked into internecine battles amongst ourselves; that said, Corporate Democrats must GO!


Elizabeth Warren: Too little, too late.


Dems/Repubs no longer interested in of-for-by the people. Now, of-for-by the capitalistic oligarchs is a good safe retirement plan.


Yes, power does corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely! I heard a teacher tell that to a class today. Gt big money out of politics , Check out Represent Us.org


What???? That's pretty offensive especially to Jewish people and people with disabilities. Have you ever met anyone who was in a real concentration camp? I have. My late dad fought in WW2. Shame on you.


Other than comments- any ideas for the 99%?


Let's put it this way- it's more about corruption and the actual system rather than individuals ( except for real extremsists.


The math doesn't matter. The right wing took control. Much of the Dem Party was complicit. Twenty years of work went into splitting apart the Dem voting base by class and race. We're stuck with the consequences.


A real one????? Are you aware of the amount of guns people have in this country? And that is another matter entirely. Since when is one person a militia.


I really like your posts. Yes, these are consequences . And possibly related to big business and how people are often scratching out a living: I remember when stores were actually closed on Saturday nights and Sundays, and oh yes holidays. Big box stores are open on holidays - no regard for workers rights- gotta get that greedfest, and it's all related. Could this election actually be a wake up call after the financial crash? Could Standing Rock and the environment and other causes help to bring us together for a common purpose?
Still hangin in there after all these years- forty plus years of voting and activism.