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Elizabeth Warren Rallies an 'Army’ for 2018 Midterms and Beyond

Elizabeth Warren Rallies an 'Army’ for 2018 Midterms and Beyond

Patrick Cochran

The day after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren found herself staring across the Boston Common, flooded with over a quarter of a million demonstrators at the Women’s March, part of the largest political display in human history. As the Bay State’s senior senator put it at a Town Hall in Malden on Sunday, she stood before an “army.”

When, oh when will we see A progressive candidate that will campaign against War and the Department of Defense???


We need to be sure to see to it that men and women cease to be played against each other soon. The cause needs every progressive to be engaged.

Warren is correct to focus on the 2018 election. Her biggest weakness is she does not mention climate change. I find that inexplicable. She is so focused on economics that she neglects the most important issue that we face. That is where Bernie Sanders is far better as he not only talks about economics but also climate change. Of course the most thing is not single pay healthcare or the minimum wage but stopping Trump and the Republicans from establishing a white supremacist fascist state. Oddly with Trump in the White House It seems that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Peolsi are more on target for what matters than Sanders and Warren. They are leading the fight against the destruction of democracy. As crazy as it seems the establishment is leading the resistance while the most progressive politicians are talking about issues have lost their high priority because of the need to stop Trump and the GOP.

Are you equating Dems with Progressives? Ummm, there’s a problem with your logic, if that’s the case, Mr. Cochran.

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When the parties of the Duopoly become irrelevant.


From the article:

“Well, let me tell you where that battle takes place. It takes place at the ballot box in November.”

With all due respect, if we wait until November to start fighting, we’ve already lost. Senator Warren, what will you do—not say, but DO—to convince people that casting a vote isn’t a complete waste of their time?

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“Let me be clear” and “She persisted” anyway I want to vomit everytime I see and hear McConnell, Ryan, Pence Flake, and pusgut etc They need to go !!! Whoever can replace them is almost welcome but should be told from the beginning that we voted your in but will vote you out if you do not DO what we want you to DO.
When can we chose from the less of two $$$$s