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Elizabeth Warren Says Key Thing to Know About Trumpcare Bill: 'This Is Blood Money'


Elizabeth Warren Says Key Thing to Know About Trumpcare Bill: 'This Is Blood Money'

Common Dreams staff

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has now read the Republican bill that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and says that it contains "one flashing neon light after another" that signals who this piece of legislation is designed to serve: the very rich and the very powerful.

"This is blood money," the senator said both on the floor of the Senate on Thursday and in a video posted to social media. "They're paying for tax cuts with American lives."


Thanks, Liz, but Hil would have still left us with unaffordable, ever increasing $1000/month plus Premiums, High Deductibles and Co-Pays.

Bernie, (and We) needed your help when it counted, and we would have avoided this baloney.


The Senator states, "We believe that healthcare is a basic human right." If so, one would assume that she is not only against the Republican bill, but against the ACA too?


While Warren has been much less progressive than we might have hoped, she does have a voice and a presence. And people will hear the bottom line - it's blood money, it's a tax cut for the already wealthy on the backs of everyone else. I have visited some conservative sites to ascertain the Reps talking points about this bill. They make it sound very bland. Some people I know actually believe this bill is intended to fix our health-care system. Let Warren disparage it at volume 10. Myfear is that it will pass and it will be years before most people understand how badly we've been conned.




"Some people" believe that because they believe ACA is terrible. Like speechless here.


It really takes some work to find and sign for insurance charging 1000+ a month with high deductible and co pays. I have had one of the most expensive plans for some time. Nearly 12,000 a year. No deductibles and very minimal co pays.


ACA is terrible. It's not healthcare for people, its a "for profit" plan for the insurance industry. The "Right" people have under it, is to be forced to buy a shitty product.


Not my experiance.


Why does this continue to be called Trumpcare and McConnell's name is nowhere to be found. How but Trump-MConnellcare or McConnellTrumpcare. Clearly, this bill and its House companion ate GOP wet dreams all the way.,


The "shitty products" were the catastrophic plans that existed before ACA. Before essential benefits were required in every plan. And the pre existing condition exclusions that existed before ACA. Have you no thought of the 10s of millions covered by the Medicaid expansion? Once again the Left and the Right join hands in their smug contempt for people in need.


There is no such thing as a " free market " in healthcare. That's equivalent to talking about " clean coal " in the energy market. It's a lie.
So, how do you have a fact-based or a science-based ( evidence ) argument with liars? Please explain and elaborate if you have an answer to that.
The ACA was not just imperfect, it was very politically flawed because it lacked wide public support. The American people (65-70% ) wanted a Public Option to actually inject real competition and bargaining power ( an alternative ) into the marketplace. So smart of them, in retrospect. Gosh, the populists had a good idea on self-governing. Sheeesssh!!!
But, did they get one when the Democrats had a Super-Majority and the Oval Office? No way, this is a representative democracy and Corporations are people, too. Just ask them and their sort of current representatives in government, the former Obama Adm leftovers. " Uh, we blew it. But, just wait until our next fix, ok? That fix will really be a great fix. The fix will really be in on our next try at a very popular idea. Ya know, a Public Option Thingy or some such ".

Obama, who now admits he's a choker, really coughed up lung full with the ACA and on the majority of the people who supported him. Time to get out the Handi-Wipes, clean ourselves off and move on. That's the only option for the public, now.
Realizing, that with the present state of the Democratic Party leadership more choking and lung fulls, are on the horizon.
After all, Democrats in coal country believe deeply in " clean coal ", too.
And, Democrats believe in more spending on the military, in regions where there's a big military installation or weapons plants. And, Democrats believe in agri-business subsidies in regions where there's a large agricultural presence. You begin to wonder what would happen with Democrats, if a very large herd of Unicorns being ridden by leprechauns carrying bags of gold was discovered, what they'd believe next. I think the public knows.


Every time anyone coughs up what are called taxes; Now that is Blood Money! Funding the imperialist murders across the globe...all for the failing empire!


Of course it is absolutely blood money. And a large segment of the Democrats are playing a kabuki with the issue betting on 2018 as a salvation. Sadly millions of the poorest and most vulnerable are going to die The timid response is deafening. Pelosi, Schumer and Prez?. How exciting. There is NO private market based solution to health care. That is a pure charade. If you get run over by a buss and survive long enough for the ambulance trip to the hospital, you don't have time to go shopping for aspirin. The Ayn Rand idiots like Rand Paul are simply stirring sewage. Can you save money on tummy tucks and breast implants by shopping around? Sure, but who wants three breasts? Botox? Yup, but where do you go when your face falls off? People have been dying for decades with the private scheme. Clue....it doesn't work. Our highway system use to be the envy of the world. OK not so much anymore. Our military.... the best still. If any one can screw things up.... leave to Wall street. I have several hundred Kodak shares for sale cheap. No?


Just watched/listened to Cassidy Toomey on CBS. OMG what a couple of slippery slimy buggers those two are. If Susan Collins is in bed with Cassidy, I can't vote for her again. Repugnant mantra; "unsustainable and market place." Two hundred years of Ayn Rand economic style failure, let's try it again. Why? Wealthy tax breaks and more military stuff.

Even Toomey and Cassidy had to swallow hard to support this monster and they are both experts at double speak.


U may remember the inimitable former MOC Alan Grayson, who
famously said of the Rethuglican opposition to the original Obamacare:
"If you get sick, die quickly." People excoriated such a 'terrible thing
to say,' but is it terrible to call a horror just that-a horror? Orrin
Hatch has recently been quoted as being shocked--shocked--that Senator
Sanders has labeled Hatch''s party as terrible. Why is Hatch so incensed
@ callin g out what he does? Does he REALLY think that people won't
notice? IMO he thinks he can blow smoke so that those paying attention
won't call him out!!! Hatch, MisanthropicMendaciousMurdererMcConnell,
have GOT TO BE VOTED OUT. All they care about is feathering their
own nests; they don't give a tinker's dam about being careful citizen
legislators. They are murderers. Yes, and syphillitic Trump is just as


Another Tax Cut for the Fat Cats is definitely something America does NOT need. They should be paying MORE, not LESS!!   And korporations, since they are now 'People', should be paying into Medicare (and to Social Security).   Return to Eisenhower-Era Pro$perity – Return to Eisenhower-Era Tax Rate$!!

O'Bummer and the DamnocRats initially omitted a 'Public Option' from the ACA, were pressured into including it – at least in early discussions – and then caved to RePooplican (korporate) pressure and removed it.  Like you say, the ACA mandate forces people to buy a shitty, for-profit product from companies that have virtual mono­polies in many areas.  But the current RePooplican plan is even worse – MUCH Worse!!

Ah-yup!   IMHO, the AHCA should be called MUCK-ConnellCare or maybe RePOOPlicanCare.
Or how about just POOPCare for short!