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Elizabeth Warren Says Let's Be Clear: Trump Is Holding "Thousands of Kids Hostage to Try and Get Congress to Pay for His stupid wall"


Elizabeth Warren Says Let's Be Clear: Trump Is Holding "Thousands of Kids Hostage to Try and Get Congress to Pay for His stupid wall"

Jon Queally, staff writer

With national outrage boiling over the Trump administration's cruel and unprecedented policy of separating children from their migrant or asylum-seeking parents, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is calling out the president directly for both creating the crisis in the first place and now doing nothing to end it.


I don’t know what to say anymore. Warren is correct. Other than that the anxiety is too overwhelming. This is what he wants. For all of the world to be under stress to the degree we give up fighting for sanity. Everyone of his policies create stress to the point of collapse. Bannon, Miller and the rest of the gang should be behind bars for crimes against humanity. I do wish though that Warren would use a different opening line, something other than “let’s be clear”. Something more crude, rude and in your face.


the line has been drawn. so what do we do? we scream in voices loud enough to be heard. it IS our sanity that we go against what half this country is rooting for. it took a jerk like trump to bring them out of the woodwork and i for one am looking for the person who will lead us with the spray to send them scurrying back into their hidey holes


This will sound really ugly but how about re-education camps instead of water cannons? We could use trumps buildings and golf courses :slight_smile:


Marc Short on the tube right now trying to defend this nightmare saying “Crossing the border illegally”. They have to come through the ports of entry to seek asylum. False choice genius. They have to wait weeks if not months… one. Excuse: We don’t have the staff. But you have the man/women power to incarcerate all these poor souls in cages as well as removing 2 year old babies from parents? C’mon batshit cuckoo even Republicans aren’t that stupid, at least my two neighbors anyway. I loved Ike voted for Nixon twice, even I can see through that crap. The only crew that supports this present insanity are those idiots marching in the streets with their TIKI torches. Even my senator Susan Collins has called you out I don’t know where Poliquin is, but he is an administrative sycophant anyway. Even King who has walked the tightrope between rational and the party of cuckoo has joined reality.


House members should vote NO on both of the so-called immigration bills Paul Ryan has allowed to be voted on. BTW - Don’t you love how Ryan (or any Speaker) is able to dictate (as in dictator) what gets voted on and what doesn’t in what is supposed to be ‘The People’s House.’

Back to the immigration vote - both options are bad, just one worse than the other. Neither takes us to a reasonable solution on this important issue.


No the the damn wall. A huge waste of money.


And close to half the country is either publicly or privately sadistically loving every minute of it. Worse, half of the other half are looking to the Democrats for leadership. Good luck with that one. Those of us in the other half of the other half…well we are just plain screwed…as usual.


Where is the Justice Dept. ? Putting asylum seekers in jail, not to mention separating them from their children is illegal period.


‘The Trump administration implemented this policy by choice and could end it by choice, No law or court ruling mandates family separations.’. (WaPo)
We’ve all seen pictures of the camps and cages and traumatized children. Do not normalize this, ever! What we’re seeing is the implementation of fascist ideology in all its brutality,


" Tear down that wall!" An old quote from a senile old man.


Jefferson Beauregard is beating off in the back room.


The US leaving the UN Human Rights Council this morning says it all!


Lets be Clear, Warren talks big but fails to deliver on anything! Don’t count on her to do the right thing for any of us. She had the chance to back Bernie, but went with the other one instead. That was her chance to prove to us whos side she was on. Had she done what was right for this country, we would not be in this shit show. We dont need opportunists like her. We have enuf of them.


We have 130 Orgs and not one can produce a Leader or Game plan to stop these murderers? What the hell is wrong with everybody???


Liz is right and not only about the funding for the wall but also a funding package that will include a “deportation force” build up the likes of which has never been seen before–And that last phrase has become a commonplace with Trump and the Demos are constantly blindsided by him and Sessions, they’re still trying to play checkers while not belieiving Trump can play chess–But he is! And he’s doing pretty well~–Until the Demos get oriented to the reality of the “unreality” that’s going on, they’re going to continue to be stuck in their muddle, Feinstein, Pelosi, Schumer, most of the top tier Demo leadership–Are they too old to learn the new tricks? They need to start playing hard hardball!


Good luck to you if u believe Lizzy will do anything but promote her own aganda for herself. No action ever from her!


I do not disagree with your post, I rather like it but why insult me using LBC??? Kind of a slap in the face isn’t it?


When the left/progressives only know how to criticize and condemn each other and have litmus tests for political purity, we will never go forward. We must find common cause and unite behind that which is common not looking for reasons to divide and criticize each other. This polarization is self defeating.


‘Those who build walls are their own prisoners’. (Ursula K. Le Guin quote from “The Dispossessed”.)