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Elizabeth Warren Takes On TurboTax (And Its Fellow Scavengers)


Elizabeth Warren Takes On TurboTax (And Its Fellow Scavengers)

Isaiah Poole

One of the right’s favorite talking points is how they’d like the tax code to be so simple that a citizen could file their taxes on a postcard.

Here’s what the right doesn’t talk about: There is already a law on that books that would make tax filing simpler and save taxpayers tens of millions of dollars – but the tax preparation industry has succeeded in keeping the law from being implemented as intended. That’s not a surprise that companies like Intuit, the maker of TurboTax, would go to war against this law: Simplified tax preparation is a mortal threat to their business.


If Warren were truly serious she would have endorsed Sanders.
She's a coward and a politician not a hero


I'm a bit confused here. I filed my taxes for years, spending days reading those endless forms and lists, trying to see if this or that was a deduction.
* I started using TurboTax several years ago. I load the program for the year, the program walks me through incomes, makes sure I have all my 1099-Rs listed. Then it starts through deductions. I list what I think are all of them. The program then asks me have I done this, or that? I often find a deduction I didn't even realize was one!
* When everything is filled in, it goes over the information and checks to see that everything is covered and legal. Anything questionable is brought up for me to look at and decide.
* Finally, I print out a copy and file electronically, for free.
* Instead of getting an ulcer working through the IRS forms, I can have a nice Scotch and listen to some classical music, while reading a good book. In two or three weeks, I'll get my refund deposited to my bank account.
Note: My sister used H&R Block for many years and it cost her thousands in errors and omissions.
* Actually, there is a simplified tax form by the IRS. You fill out your income, take the standard deduction and pay anything owed, or perhaps get a pittance back.
* Thank you, Liz, but I'll just keep using TurboTax, unless you screw that up, too.