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Elizabeth Warren to White House Officials: Stop 'Hiding' Behind Op-Eds and Remove Trump From Office


Elizabeth Warren to White House Officials: Stop 'Hiding' Behind Op-Eds and Remove Trump From Office

Jake Johnson, staff writer



Better yet, wait until the House can revert to the Democrats in January, take out Trump and Pence with one fell swoop, and eliminate Paul Ryan from imposing a Randian utopia.


Democrat: Trump’s ‘deranged’ behavior is boosting bill to create panel that could remove him from office

President Trump, Rep. Jamie Raskin.

WASHINGTON — Describing President Trump’s recent behavior as “completely bizarre and deranged,” a House Democrat says he is picking up fresh support for legislation creating a congressionally appointed panel that could declare the president psychologically unfit and remove him from office under the 25th Amendment.

While the proposed measure remains a definite long shot, the events of the past few days have produced a “surge” of interest in the 25th Amendment bill, which now has 65 co-sponsors, said freshman Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., who introduced the bill, in an interview for the Yahoo News podcast “Skullduggery.”

“People around the president are saying that his behavior is completely unstable and erratic and unpredictable,” Raskin said. “And there are people who now are apparently boasting they are subverting the president‘s orders because they are so deranged. That strikes me as the kind of prima facie evidence that there is a very serious problem of capacity to successfully discharge the power and duties of office.”


Couple of problems with this –
First being that the Kavanaugh nomination should not go any further forward - it should be cancelled
based on the “no confidence” vote coming from the public and from inside the White House.

But there are problems with the 25th, as well –
The Vice President should have no voice in this scenario given the examples of both Nixon and LBJ,
and both of them eventually becoming psychotic while in the White House. Pierre Salinger said he
and Bill Moyers recognized that LBJ was psychotic. And by the end of LBJ’s days, they farmed him
out to a psychiatric they paid $1 million to let him talk and keep his secrets.
Nixon went pretty much the same way, giving himself over to booze and drugs he was dispensing to
himself – evidently a car’s trunkful of drugs he had secured – at the very end to keep himself going.
Both of these men were involved in the coup on JFK.
Notice also the “wars” in common with Trump’s madness which equals both Nixon’s and LBJ’s.

Additionally, the Vice President should not be permitted to ascend to the Presidency, especially
where we have a criminal administration such as Trump’s.

And, overall, this should be considered a “No Confidence” vote and we should proceed to removing
Trump with impeachment for incapacity.


Remove the only thing standing between us and President Pence?

Better to change course toward a rational economy the heals Earth with human rights and shelves pentagonian career wars…


The impeachment provision. The 25th amendment. About as useful as my appendix.


The Treasonous Republicon Party needs to be taken down. They’ve made a tremendous amounts of money lying daily, repeating the lies and projecting for 40 years.

I know DC insiders protect their own, their own cash flow from billionaires and their monthly salary us taxpayers pay them is unearned and should stop. They are treasonous and dems capitulated.


Garrett –

Obviously, the 25th should be amended to ensure that NO Vice President ascends
to the Presidency if there is an assassination or an impeachment, or if the President
is involved with criminal behavior.
JFK’s assassination was followed by two more psychotic Presidents – LBJ and Nixon.

NEITHER should such a President be permitted to appoint his successor by any means.
(Ford being a precedent which gave us an unelected VP and unelected President)


The coward Warren is no different from the anonymous coward who penned the Trump Op-Ed and the cowardly NY Times that published it. She calls for exercising the 25th Amendment - a highly dubious and elitist constitutional provision that allows for a non-violent coup by a highly-dubious bunch of people.

If Warren had an ounce of integrity, she would be leading a Dim charge calling for actual impeachment (on more grounds than can be listed here). Instead, she weasels into this call for the Rethugs to remove their Idiot of Orange – allowing them to further consolidate power.

But then this is a great “progressive” who lacked the guts to endorse Bernie when he was still a real progressive alternative and it really, really mattered.


**Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are! **


Our Founders didn’t give us anything like a “No Confidence” vote – purposefully.

And the 25th puts the VP in the position of claiming the “incapacity” of his President
which is a dangerous situation.

Also, it does not bar the VP from ascending to the Presidency.

With a “No Confidence” vote – which basically is what I think we have now with the
desire of the public for impeachment and the “derangement” issues – there should be
new elections.

AND, any advancement of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court should be halted.


Tom –

Whichever way it happens –

Trump’s resignation, or forced resignation by his own party, or under threat of impeachment.

Trump’s impeachment, another very slow and questionable process.

Trump’s being taken out by the 25th Amendment –

It’s all Elitist and does little for the public which should have a “No Confidence” vote which is
essentially what is being expressed.

AND – by no means should any VP ascend to the Presidency where there is a resignation
under threat of impeachment, or impeachment, or incapacity decision.
And in this case we have a very high degree of administration crime and corruption which
should also bar Pence from replacing Trump.

Also the Kavanaugh nomination has to be halted – and a new presidential election called.


If only Rational thought returned to all of America.


Exactly. Thank you Elizabeth Warren.


Removal of Trump from office will not solve the root problem.


Removal of Trump from office will allow the gardeners back in the garden.


Such a pleasant image for such evil acts. These gardeners will permit and promote the root problem to persist and flourish


And the root problem is? Roots being a gardening term which you used.


Selfish individualism and greed, class, capitalist, paternalist, racist oppression. These won’t end with removal of Trump. The objective will continue to be to solidify them at the expense of the US living up to its aspirations.


Are you then suggesting that these things are just as bad under Trump as they would be with anyone else in government?


Trump is only one small weed amongst many in that garden.

We the People will need to spend much time in the Garden of Evil, pulling weeds that are choking out the worthy plants.